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!style="background-color: #ECEBED"| '''See also'''
!style="background-color: #ECEBED"| '''See also'''
| <small><center>[[Washington]] <br> [[Evergreen Public Schools (Clark), Washington|Evergreen Public Schools (Clark)]]</center></small>
| <small><center>[[Washington]] <br> [[Evergreen Public Schools (Clark), Washington|Evergreen Public Schools (Clark)]] <br> [[Pierce County, Washington ballot measures]] <br> [[Washington local ballot measures]]</center></small>

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2013 Evergreen Public Schools Elections

General Election date:
November 5, 2013
Table of Contents
About the district
Method of election
What was at stake?
Key deadlines
Additional elections
External links
See also
Evergreen Public Schools (Clark)
Pierce County, Washington ballot measures
Washington local ballot measures
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