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In some cases, political parties and/or candidates may need to obtain signatures via the petition process with relation to ballot access. This section outlines the laws and regulations pertaining to petitions and circulators.

In Kentucky, petitions can be used by independent, political organization and political group candidates to gain ballot access. Depending on the office sought, the candidate must collect a certain number of signatures to be considered nominated and able to run in the general election. The earliest date these petitions can be signed is the Wednesday after the first Monday in November in the year preceding the election in which the candidate will be running, and they must be filed with the Kentucky Secretary of State by the second Tuesday in August preceding the general election.[1][2]

Signers of the petition must include the date they sign, their residence address, and their date of birth with their signature or else the signature will not be counted. The signature of a signer can only be counted once. If a signer signs more than one candidate’s petition, the first petition he or she signed will be the only one counted. Candidates are required to sign their own petition.[1]

The state code does not specify circulator requirements. Specifically, there are no residency requirements for circulators.