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[[File:On The Issues Logo.gif|thumb|right|link=On The Issues Vote Match|On The Issues organization logo.]]
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On The Issues organization logo.
On The Issues Vote Quiz
Economic Issues Social Issues
Issue Stance Issue Stance
Legally require hiring women & minorities {{{Hiring}}} Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right {{{Abortion}}}
Expand ObamaCare {{{ObamaCare}}} Comfortable with same-sex marriage {{{Marriage}}}
Vouchers for school choice {{{School Choice}}} Keep God in the public sphere {{{God}}}
Absolute right to gun ownership {{{Guns}}} Human needs over animal rights {{{Animals}}}
Higher taxes on the wealthy {{{Taxes}}} Stricter punishment reduces crime {{{Crime}}}
Support & expand free trade {{{Free Trade}}} Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens {{{Citizenship}}}
Stricter limits on political campaign funds {{{Campaign Funds}}} Maintain US sovereignty from UN {{{United Nations}}}
Prioritize green energy {{{Energy}}} Expand the military {{{Military}}}
Stimulus better than market-led recovery {{{Stimulus}}} Stay out of Iran {{{Iran}}}
Privatize Social Security {{{Social Security}}} Never legalize marijuana {{{Marijuana}}}
Note: Information last updated in {{{Date}}}.{{{Ref}}}
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{{Ontheissues vote quiz|Name=McCain|Date=2014|Ref=<ref name="ontheissues">[http://ontheissues.org/John_McCain_VoteMatch.htm ''On The Issues'', "John McCain Vote Match," accessed May 13, 2014]</ref>
|Abortion= Opposes
|Hiring= Favors
|Marriage= Favors 
|God= Favors 
|Social Security=Strongly Favors 
|School Choice=Strongly Favors 
|Crime=Strongly Favors 
|Guns=Strongly Favors 
|Free Trade=Strongly Favors 
|United Nations=Favors
|Campaign Funds=Strongly Favors 
|Iran=Strongly Opposes
|Marijuana=Strongly Favors 


{{Ontheissues vote quiz|Name=XXLASTNAMEXX|Date=2014|Ref=<ref name="ontheissues">[XXURLXX ''On The Issues'', "XXNAMEXX Vote Match," accessed XXDATEXX]</ref>
|Social Security=
|School Choice=
|Free Trade=
|United Nations=
|Campaign Funds=