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General information
General information

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{{{State}}} {{{Office}}}
General information
Office Type:  
Term limits:  None
Other {{{State}}} Executive Offices
{{{Other offices}}}
[edit] Template-info.png Template documentation

Working example page:


{{SEO office infobox
|State = The name of the state
|Office= The name of the office

<General information>

|Office type = State what type of office it is, either "Partisan" or "Nonpartisan"
|Image = Use an image of the official office seal/logo. If not available, use the state seal *FEATURE REMOVED FROM TEMPLATE 1/21/2014
|Office website = URL of the official office website. Do not include any description.
|Budget = The total budget for the office as found in the last available approved budget.
|Budget year = The fiscal year that the above budget total is for.
|Seats = If a commission, enter the total number of seats.
|Term limits = If the office is term limited, use the format "X terms" or "X consecutive terms". If not term limited enter "None"


|Length of term = The length of the term
|Authority =Where the office gets its authority from, cite the relevant section of either the state constitutional or state statutes/code. If constitutional wiki-link to the relevant page on BP
|Selected = How is the officeholder selected - elected or appointed. If appointed say who the appointing authority is.
|Chair = If a commission, enter the name of the current chair.

<Current officeholder>

|Current officeholder = Name of current officeholder. If there are multiple officeholders (such as public service commissions) do not fill in this parameter.
|Partisan = If the office is Partisan, fill in the name of the party currently in office. Be sure to use "Republican" and "Democratic" (not "Democrat"). 
|Officeholder image = Image of current officeholder
|Assumed office =  Date officeholder took office. (In the case of appointed officials, this is often different than the date they were actually appointed.)
|Compensation =Salary of the current officeholder


|Next election =Date that the next election will be held for the position. Wiki-link to BP page if one exists.
|Last election=Date that the last election was held for the position. Wiki-link to BP page if one exists.
|Other offices = Wiki-links to other state executive office pages covered on BP. Copy and paste list from "STATE SEO infobox" template. Be sure to remove line breaks.


{{SEO office infobox
|State = 
|Office type = 
|Image = 
|Office website = 
|Budget = 
|Budget year = 
|Seats =
|Term limits = 
|Length of term = 
|Authority =
|Selected = 
|Chair =
|Current officeholder = 
|Partisan = 
|Officeholder image = 
|Assumed office = 
|Compensation =
|Next election =
|Last election=
|Other offices =