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Legislative History
Legal Environment

This is a template that produces an infobox about state statutes, including bills that have been proposed, passed, defeated, and superseded/expunged.

Data fields

{{Statute infobox
| Title                    = <Name of legislation>
| Flag                     = < State flag file>
| Legislature              = <name of state legislature>
| Text                     = <link to bill text>
| Sponsor(s)               = <names of sponsors>
| Introduced               = <date of initial introduction> 
| Awaiting vote            = <status as to whether it is awaiting a vote> 
| Committee                = <assigned to which committee and when>
| State house              = <date enacted in lower house>
| Vote lower house         = <number of yes and no votes>
| State senate             = <date enacted in upper house>
| Vote upper house         = <number of yes and no votes>
| Vote (House)             = <number of yes and no votes>
| Vote (Senate)            = <number of yes and no votes>
| Governor                 = <names of signing or vetoing governor>
| Signed                   = <date signed by governor>
| Vetoed                   = <date vetoed by governor>
| State law                = <wiki-link to BP article about type of law>
| Code                     = <Name of the code; for example, "Elections">
| Section                  = <List sections of the code>
| CICF                     = <Insert CICF's rating of the statute>

Example Template

Bill Name
Text:HTTP link to text
Legislative History
Vote (lower house):V# -V#
Vote (upper house):V# - V#
Legal Environment
State law:wiki-link to BP article about type of law
Code:Name of the code
Section:List sections
Impact on initiative rights
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratingsRanking