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Filing deadline report: 54 candidates file for seven statewide positions in Texas Dec 10, 2013


By Greg Janetka

AUSTIN, Texas: Seven state executive positions are up for election in 2014 in the state of Texas: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner and railroad commissioner.

The primary election is scheduled for March 4, 2014. Texas is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. Voters do not have to register with a party. At the primary, they may choose which party primary ballot to vote on, but in order to vote they must sign a pledge declaring they will not vote in another party's primary or convention that year.[1][2] Libertarian candidates will be determined during the party's convention on April 12, 2014.[3]

One incumbent - Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) is seeking re-election. Two incumbents - Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Comptroller Susan Combs (R) - are retiring. The remaining four are seeking election to a different statewide office:

Yesterday, December 9, the filing period for major party primary candidates came to a close.[4] The following list of candidates is current as of December 10, 2013.

A total of 54 candidates filed for the 7 offices - 26 Republicans, 11 Democrats, 16 Libertarians and 1 Green Party.


Lt. Governor

Attorney general


Land Commissioner

Agriculture Commissioner

Railroad Commissioner

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