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List of school districts in Texas

State profile
Number of students: 4,935,715
Number of schools: 8,551
Number of school districts: 1,239
Graduation rate: 84%
Per-pupil spending: $8,788
State school administration
State Commissioner of Education: Michael Williams
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Quick facts
School board elections
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List of school districts in Texas
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Texas is home to 1,239 school districts, 8,551 schools and 4,935,715 K-12 students.[1]

Quick facts

The current Commissioner of Education is Michael Williams. The following lists current members of the Texas State Board of Education:[2]

Texas State Board of Education
District Name
1 Martha M. Dominguez
2 Ruben Cortez, Jr.
3 Marisa B. Perez
4 Lawrence A. Allen, Jr.
5 Ken Mercer
6 Donna Bahorich
7 David Bradley
8 Barbara Cargill
9 Thomas Ratliff
10 Tom Maynard
11 Patricia Hardy
12 Geraldine Miller
13 Mavis B. Knight
14 Sue Melton-Malone
15 Marty Rowley


The following list details the racial demographics of Texas schools according to the U.S. Department of Education:[1]

Racial demographics
Race  % of Texas students
Asian 4
African American 13
Hispanic/Latino 50
White 31
Two or more 2

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: List of school board elections in 2014

In 2013, 76 of the top enrollment school districts in Texas held elections for a total of 221 school board seats across the state. In 2014, 85 of the top enrollment school districts in Texas will hold elections for a total of 225 seats. Of these elections, 56 are scheduled for May, 2014 and the other 29 elections are scheduled for November 4, 2014.

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