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=January 2014=
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category = January 2014

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Retired Judges Report, December 2014

346 judges retired in December 2014.*


Retired Judges badge.png

After serving the citizens of Travis County, Texas, for over sixteen years, Judge Samuel T. Biscoe retired from the Travis County Court bench on December 31, 2014.[1]

In 1973, upon receiving his law degree from the University of Texas Law School, Biscoe went to work for the NAACP. His work on the desegregation of the Austin school district brought Biscoe to the attention of Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower, who then hired Biscoe to serve as his general counsel in 1983. One of Biscoe's notable achievements while in this office was helping to pass safety regulations in the use of pesticides for the protection of farmworkers. He then served as a commissioner for Travis County for nine years before his election to the Travis County in 1998.[1]

Biscoe credits the many black men and women who came before him and faced challenges from segregation laws and discrimination, yet still achieved great accomplishments, in his desire to work in public service and effect a positive change for the people of Travis County. Biscoe led the push to remove the question about past criminal behavior off job applications in order to aid ex-offenders seeking jobs, and helped institute a jobs program that placed 800 youths in summer jobs around the county.[2]

Biscoe plans on spending his well-earned retirement with family, reading books and playing golf.[3]


Retired judges

The following judges retired from office in December 2014.
*Based on Judgepedia's records and recent news reports; municipal court judges not included

Name Court Dates of service
A.C. Tatman, Jr. Evangeline Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Aaron Vibeto North Dakota Municipal Courts 2010-2014
Afriena Stevenson Madison Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Alan A. Dickey Florida Eighteenth Circuit Court 1991-2014
Albert A. Corbett, Jr. North Carolina 11th Judicial District
Aleta Hacker Texas District 326 1985-2014
Alfonso Campos Caldwell County, Texas 2011-2014
Alice Salcido Dona Ana County Probate Court, New Mexico 2005-2014
Alice Tomerlin Texas Justice of the Peace Courts 1994-2014
Alison T. Frazier Jefferson County Superior Court, Indiana 2009-12/31/2014
Allan J. Masters Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court Subcircuits 2013-12/1/2014
Amy Brazil Arkansas Twentieth Circuit 2013-2014
Andres S. Vargas Taos County Probate Court, New Mexico 2006-2014
Ashly Bruce Simpson 17th Judicial District, Louisiana 1994-2014
Barbara Hanson Nellermoe Texas District 45 2003-2014
Barbara Rouse Massachusetts Superior Courts 1985-2014
Barry Bryan Texas District 217 2006-2014
Barry Kamins New York Supreme Court 2nd Judicial District 2013-12/1/2014
Bentley E. Story Arkansas First Circuit 1983-2014
Betty Sanders Mississippi Fourth Judicial District 1994-2014
Betty Shiflett Grimes County Court, Texas 2007-2014
Bill Guthrie Blanco County Court, Texas
Bill Walmsley Arkansas Court of Appeals 2013-2014
Billie Faye Felice Allen Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Billy B. Caraway Hardin County Court, Texas
Bonnie Crane Hellums Texas District 247 1995-2014
Brad Underwood (Texas) Texas District 364 1989-2014
Brenda P. Bennett South Carolina Probate Courts 1987-2014
Brent Adams Nevada Second Judicial District Court 1989-2014
Brian A. Babka Illinois Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court
Bruce Colyer Missouri 26th Judicial Circuit Court 2003-214
Burton D. Glover Robertson County General Sessions Court, Tennessee 1990-1998, 2006-2014
Byron D. Luber Missouri 34th Judicial Circuit Court
C. Christopher Bean North Carolina 1st Judicial District 1993-2014
C. Philip Ginn Eighth Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina 2003-2014
C. Thomas Edwards Seventh Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina 2012-2014
C. William Stratton Oklahoma District 5 1994-2014
Camille E. Olguin New Mexico Thirteenth Judicial District Court 2000-2014
Carl J. Stich, Jr. Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 2013-2014
Carl K. Thibodeaux Orange County Court, Texas 1995-2014
Carlos Carrillo Socorro County Probate Court, New Mexico 2010-2014
Carolyn Cerny Bilski
Catherine Stone Texas Fourth District Court of Appeals 1994-2014
Cathy Cochran Texas Court of Criminal Appeals 2001-2014
Charles B. Curry Florida Tenth Circuit Court 1/3/1989-12/31/2014
Charles E. Roberts (Oklahoma) Oklahoma District 20
Charles J. Aguilar Sandoval County Probate Court, New Mexico 2006-2010; 2013-2014
Charles James Maxfield Virginia 19th Judicial Circuit 2007-2014
Charles L. McMichael Cass County Court, Texas
Chris A. Najar New Mexico Magistrate Court 2006-2014
Chris J. Schultz New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Court 8/2014-12/31/2014
Chris Palmer Arkansas Sixth Circuit 2014
Christine Carmouche Avoyelles Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Clarence Holmes Texas Justice of the Peace Courts
Clark G. Rehme Indiana Small Claims Courts 2011-12/31/2014
Clemente Gutierrez Texas Justice of the Peace Courts
Cliff L. Jolliff Hall County Juvenile Court, Georgia 1992-2014
Collins Kilgore Arkansas Sixth Circuit 1991-2014
Cynthia Carlson Oregon 2nd Judicial District 1994-12/31/2014
Daniel T. Hogan Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 1997-12/2014
Danny Valdez Webb County Court, Texas 2007-2014
Danny Vaughn Indiana Small Claims Courts
David Blevins Conasauga Judicial Circuit, Georgia 2012-2014
David E. Henderson Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 2002-2014
David G. Warren Missouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court 1/2013-12/31/2014
David H. Coleman Hendricks County Superior Court, Indiana 1991-2014
David L. Anderson Panola County Court, Texas 2003-2014
David Laser Arkansas Second Circuit 1999-2014
David O. Kelley Warrick County Circuit Court, Indiana
Dean Rucker Texas District 318 1988-12/2014
Dee Ann Hawthorne 10th Judicial District, Louisiana 2004-2014
Deirdre W. Edmonds South Carolina Probate Courts 2002-2014
Deloris Nibert Twenty-Sixth Family Circuit, West Virginia 2013-2014
Dennis L. Sanderson Wyoming Third District Court 2001-2014
Dennis Reaves Missouri 28th Judicial Circuit Court 2011-2014
Dewey Ratliff Bosque County Court, Texas 5/2014-12/2014
Diana L. Embil Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court Subcircuits 2/25/2013-12/1/2014
Donald L. Daniel Indiana Circuit Courts 2002-2014
Donald Nasshorn Bucks County Magisterial District, Pennsylvania 1987-2014
Donna J. Grimsley Apache County Superior Court, Arizona
Donna P. Cudd South Carolina Probate Courts 3/1989-12/2014
Duane Woodliff Oklahoma District 24 2007-2014
Durwood Conque 15th Judicial District, Louisiana 1987-2014
Dynda R. Post Oklahoma District 12 1994-2014
E. J. King Brazoria County Court, Texas 2007-12/31/2014
E. McRae Mathis Florida Fourth Circuit Court 1999-2014
Ed Self Texas District 242 1998-12/31/2014
Edgar Gregory Fifth Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina 2007-2014
Edith Louise Messina Missouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court 1984-12/31/2014
Edward S. Johnson Bell County Court at Law, Texas 1987-2014
Edward W. Hanson, Jr. Virginia 2nd Judicial Circuit
Edwin Malloy Davis Chesterfield County, South Carolina 1985-2014
Elizabeth A. Robb Illinois Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court 2000-12/31/2014
Elizabeth Keever North Carolina 12th Judicial District 1982-2014
Eric R. Harrington 10th Judicial District, Louisiana 1999-2014
F. B. McGregor, Jr. Texas District 66 1993-2014
F. Kenneth Eichwald Sandoval County Magistrate Court, New Mexico
Faye M. Harrison Saginaw County Probate Court, Michigan 1981-2014
Ford E. Stinson, Jr. 26th Judicial District, Louisiana 1997-2014
Francis J. Murray, Jr. Rhode Island Family Court 1994-2014
Frank D. Horkan South Georgia Judicial Circuit, Georgia
Frank E. Novinger Orphans Court of Washington County, Maryland 2010-2014
Fred J. Hirsh New York District Courts 2002; 2008-12/31/2014
Freddrenna M. Lyle Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court Subcircuits 2012-12/1/2014
Frederick B. Wilkins, Jr. North Carolina 17A Judicial District 1998-2014
G. Ann Spelman New York District Courts 2006-2014
G. Charles Bordis Mississippi 16th Chancery District 2009-2014
G. Todd Baugh Montana 13th Judicial District Court 1984-2014
Garrett R. Crouch, II Missouri 17th Judicial Circuit Court 1990-2014
Gary Isbell Arkansas Fourteenth Circuit 1991-2014
Gary P. Kramer Missouri 23rd Judicial Circuit Court 1990-2014
Gary W. Beesinger Archer County Court, Texas
George E. Brown LaGrange County Superior Court, Indiana
George Emmett Grubb Jr. Jeff Davis County Court, Texas
George Franks North Carolina 12th Judicial District 2006-2014
George W. Biddlecome Elkhart County, Indiana 1996-2014
Gerald R. Kinney Illinois Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court 1994-12/1/2014
Gerard Wattigny 16th Judicial District, Louisiana 1995-2014
Gilbert L. Gomez Guadalupe County Probate Court, New Mexico
Glen Dietrich Missouri 4th Judicial Circuit Court
Glenn A. Pearson Michigan Ninety-fourth Judicial District Court 2003-2014
Glenn G. Hancock Floyd County Superior Court, Indiana 2003-2014
Grant L. Foutz New Mexico Eleventh Judicial District Court 1996-2014
Gregg E. Johnson Minnesota Second Judicial District 1992-2014
Gregory J. Donat Tippecanoe County Superior Court, Indiana 1984-2014
Guadalupe Mendoza Kleberg County Court at Law, Texas 2010-2014
Harriett S. Pierce Kershaw County, South Carolina 1978-2014
Herbert Brookshire Delta County Court, Texas
Howard Tygrett Texas District 86 2002-12/31/2014
Hulane E. George Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, Georgia 1994-12/31/2014
J. Andrew Bench Hunt County Court at Law, Texas
J. Brad Funk Missouri 3rd Judicial Circuit Court 2001-2014
J. Curtis Werren Stark County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 2013-2014
J. Woodfin Jones Texas Third District Court of Appeals 1988-12/31/2014
J.D. Langley Texas District 85 1991-2014
Jack Carter Texas Sixth District Court of Appeals 1/1/2003-12/31/2014
Jaime J. Baca Valencia County Probate Court, New Mexico 2010-2014
James C. Ross Texas Justice of the Peace Courts
James Carey Thompson Missouri 8th Judicial Circuit Court 2009-2014
James E. "Jimmy" Kuhn Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal 1994-12/31/2014
James E. Moncayo Guadalupe County Magistrate Court, New Mexico
James E. Patterson Hancock County Probate Court, Maine
James F. Iwasko Superior Court of Santa Barbara County, California 2002-12/2014
James K. Justus Missouri 38th Judicial Circuit Court 2002-2014
James M. Owen Missouri 30th Judicial Circuit Court 1/2014-12/31/2014
James P. Williams Missouri 9th Judicial Circuit Court
James R. Fullwood North Carolina 10th Judicial District 1989-2014
James W. Morgan Seventh Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina
Janet Littlejohn Texas District 150 1995-2014
Jason Greenlee New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Court 2013-12/31/2014
Jason Marshall (Arkansas) Lawrence County District Court, Arkansas 2013-2014
Jeffrey E. Streitfeld Florida Seventeenth Circuit Court 1/1991-12/2014
Jeffrey V. Boles Hendricks County Circuit Court, Indiana
Jennifer Balido Texas District 291 2013-2014
Jennifer L. Koethe LaPorte County Superior Court, Indiana 2009-12/31/2014
Jeremy A. Stahlin Suffolk Probate and Family Court, Massachusetts 1997-2014
Jerome P. Owens, Jr. Texas District 1-A 2007-2014
Jerome Richard Spencer Maryland Seventh Circuit 2012-2014
Jerry A. Esrig Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court Subcircuits 2013-12/1/2014
Jim Naranjo Jr. Socorro County Magistrate Court, New Mexico
Jim R. Osborne Knox County Superior Court, Indiana 1988-2014
Jim York Texas District 246
Jo Kincaid Texas Justice of the Peace Courts
Joe Griffin Arkansas Eighth Circuit South 1990-2014
Joel Johnson (Texas) Texas District 156 2015-Present
John A. Enlow Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 1997-2014
John A. McCarthy Pierce County Superior Court, Washington 1997-2014
John Conover Michigan Sixty-seventh Judicial District Court 1993-2014
John David Caudill Kentucky Circuit Court 31 1993-2014
John E. Munter Superior Court of San Francisco, California
John Facciola United States District Court for the District of Columbia 1997-12/1/2014
John Frerking Missouri 15th Judicial Circuit Court 1987-2014
John Konenkamp South Dakota Supreme Court 1994-12/31/2014
John L. Bell Illinois Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Court
John Lamb Navajo County Superior Court, Arizona 1995-2014
John M. Robinson 26th Judicial District, Louisiana 1999-2014
John N. Hudson Adams County Court, Mississippi 1983-2014
John O. Roane Cooke County Court, Texas 2009-2014
John Paul Kennedy Utah Third Judicial District 2004-12/31/2014
John S. Waters Missouri 38th Judicial Circuit Court 1999-2014
John T. Elsner Illinois Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court 2000-12/1/2014
Joseph J. Cassata Tonawanda City Court, New York 1996-2014
Jude Thaddeus Fanguy Houma City Court, Louisiana 1978-2014
Judith W. Hawkins Leon County Court, Florida 1996-12/2014
Julian Parker Orleans Parish Judicial District, Louisiana 1996-2014
Karen Pitman Monroe County Probate Court, Georgia 1999-12/2014
Kathy Killingsworth Brewster County Court, Texas 2014
Kay Bates 19th Judicial District, Louisiana 1996-2014
Kelley D. Peacock Cherokee County Court at Law, Texas 2013-2014
Kenneth C. Watson Oklahoma District 7 2006-2014
Kenneth E. Deatelhauser Montgomery County Magisterial District, Pennsylvania
Kenneth G. Clayton Missouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court 1/2013-12/31/2014
Kenneth H. Martinez New Mexico Second Judicial District Court 2005-2014
Kenneth W. Pratte Missouri 24th Judicial Circuit Court 1982-2014
Kent Crow Arkansas Nineteenth Circuit East 2009-2014
Kerri Foley Galveston County Court at Law, Texas 06/2013-12/2014
Kevin C. Kakac Illinois Second Judicial Circuit Court 12/2/2013-12/1/2014
Kevin D. Duncan Curry County Probate Court, New Mexico 2007-2014
Larry Bryson Missouri 13th Judicial Circuit Court 1986-12/31/2014
Larry E. Jones Utah First Judicial District 1999-12/2014
Lauretta Higgins Wolfson Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court 2006-2014
Lee S. Alford Sixteenth Circuit, South Carolina 1998-12/19/2014
Lena Levario Texas District 204 2007-2014
Leonard W. Thagard North Carolina 4A Judicial District 1987-12/2014
Linda Jacke King County Northeast Division, Washington 1992-2014
Lloyd V. Payne Hidalgo County Probate Court, New Mexico 2007-2014
Lori Chrisman Hockett Texas District 255 2007-2014
Louis F. Rosenberg Marion County Circuit Court, Indiana 2009-2014
Lynette Young Feucht Eunice City Court, Louisiana
Mark A. Basham Santa Fe County Probate Court, New Mexico 2007-2014
Mark A. Steinbeck Florida Twentieth Circuit Court 2006-12/31/2014
Mark C. Stoltz Texas District 265
Mark Hewett Arkansas Twelfth Circuit 1991-2014
Marlo R. Martinez Rio Arriba County Probate Court, New Mexico
Matthew Justin Wilson New Mexico First Judicial District Court 2013-12/31/2014
Melba Hamby Lea County Probate Court, New Mexico
Melvin H. Fujino Hawai`i Third Circuit Family Court, Hawaii 2008-12/18/2014
Meryl L. Lange Missouri 17th Judicial Circuit Court 2013-12/31/2014
Michael A. Ciaffa New York District Courts 2009-12/31/2014
Michael C. Dawson Missouri 27th Judicial Circuit Court
Michael E. Brandt Illinois Tenth Judicial Circuit Court 1993-12/2014
Michael Glen Moses Montana 13th Judicial District Court 2014
Michael H. Ward Mississippi Second Judicial District 2014
Michael I. Jeffery Alaska Second District 1982-2014
Michael J. Bullerdieck Missouri 32nd Judicial Circuit Court 1987-12/31/2014
Michael P. David Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court 1992-12/31/2014
Michael Wetherell Idaho Fourth Judicial District 2002-2014
Michele M. Woodard New York Supreme Court 10th Judicial District 2001-12/31/2014
Michele Morel 29th Judicial District, Louisiana 2012-2014
Mike Ford Somervell County Court, Texas 2011-2014
Milton Tingling New York County Supreme Court, New York 2001-12/31/2014
Nelson J. Goodin Dona Ana County Magistrate Court, New Mexico 2013-12/31/2014
Norman Zemmelman Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 1997-2014
Olga H. Stickel Elkhart County Superior Court, Indiana 1984-2014
P. Luevonda Ross Drew County District Court, Arkansas 11/27/2012-12/31/2014
Pamela S. Baskervill Virginia 11th Judicial Circuit 2001-2014
Patricia N. Conlon Kalamazoo County Probate Court, Michigan 1997-2014
Patrick J. Londrigan Illinois Seventh Judicial Circuit Court 2004-12/8/2014
Patrick S. Flynn Missouri 45th Judicial Circuit Court 1/2014-12/31/2014
Paul Hensley New York District Courts 2002-12/31/2014
Paul R. Lovier Sr. Franklin County Court, Texas 2011-2014
Paul Womack Texas Court of Criminal Appeals 1997-2014
Paulette K. Flynn Minnesota Second Judicial District 1991-2014
Peggy Ann Holguin New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Courts 2013-12/31/2014
Penny G. Golightly Floyd County Court, Texas 2007-2014
R. John Duran, II New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Courts 2013-12/31/2014
R. Larry Lewis Virginia 30th Judicial District
R. Ted Israel Idaho Fifth Judicial District 2005-2014
Ralph Adam Fine Wisconsin Court of Appeals District I 1988-2014
Randall Shackelford Missouri 15th Judicial Circuit Court
Ray Dickhaner Missouri 23rd Judicial Circuit Court 2007-12/31/2014
Raymond Angelini Texas District 187 1995-2014
Raymond O. Gross Florida Sixth Circuit Court 1995-12/31/2014
Richard A. Wagner Nevada Sixth Judicial District Court 1990-2014
Richard B. Wellborn Dona Ana County Magistrate Court, New Mexico 2013-12/31/2014
Richard C. Sutton Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit, Georgia 2000-2014
Richard D. Copeland Missouri 29th Judicial Circuit Court
Richard D. Taylor, Jr. Virginia 13th Judicial Circuit 2002-2014
Richard Podgorski Denton County Criminal Court at Law, Texas 2001-2014
Richard V. Hunt Jefferson County Family Court, New York 1985-12/31/2014
Richard W. Stone Fifth Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina
Rob Hamil West Virginia Magistrate Courts 2013-2014
Robert C. Cheshire Texas District 377 1989-2014
Robert C. Hunter North Carolina Court of Appeals 1998-2014
Robert Duber, II Gila County Superior Court, Arizona 1987-12/2014
Robert Elliott (Mississippi) Mississippi Third Judicial District 2006-2014
Robert Frank Virginia Court of Appeals 1999-2014
Robert Hamiter Bossier Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Robert L. Segura New Iberia City Court, Louisiana 1981-2014
Robert M. "Bob" Brady North Carolina 25th Judicial District
Robert M. Liston Missouri 18th Judicial Circuit Court 2003-2014
Robert R. Sterner Missouri 13th Judicial Circuit Court 2011-2014
Robert S. Smith State of New York Court of Appeals 2003-2014
Robert Spergel Nassau County Court, New York 2007-2014
Roberta Coates Wyoming First Circuit Court 2004-12/12/2014
Robin W. Reese Utah Third Judicial District 1996-2014
Ronald C. Nichols 49th Circuit Court, Michigan 2007-2014
Ronald Castille Pennsylvania Supreme Court 1993-2014
Ronald E. Taylor Missouri 5th Judicial Circuit Court 2000-12/31/2014
Ronald K. Roehr South Dakota Third Judicial Circuit 1994-12/2014
Ronald T. Urdal Fayette County Superior Court, Indiana
Ronald Vettel Ashtabula County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio 1979-2014
Ronda L. Cortesini Missouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court 2013-12/31/2014
Samuel C. Finster, Sr. Municipal Court of Summerville, Georgia 2006-2014 (state court); 1985-Present (municipal court)
Samuel C. Jones Missouri 39th Judicial Circuit Court 2011-2014
Samuel T. Biscoe Travis County Court, Texas 1998-2014
Sandra Lee Hamlin Massachusetts Superior Courts 1980-12/1/2014
Shawn C. Jeffrey Harding County Probate Court, New Mexico 2011-12/31/2014
Sonja Clapp North Dakota Northeast Central Judicial District 2004-12/1/2014
Stanley R. King San Juan County Magistrate Court, New Mexico 2010-12/31/2014
Stanley R. Mills Florida Sixth Circuit Court 2/1989-12/2014
Stella Saxon Texas District 218 1991-2014
Stephan W. Fogleman Orphans Court of Baltimore City, Maryland 3/2014-12/2014
Stephanie C. Davis Fulton County Magistrate Court 2000-2014
Stephen C. Mathers Illinois Ninth Judicial Circuit Court 2013-2014
Stephen L. Ukeiley New York District Courts 2009-12/31/2014
Steve Jones Torrance County Magistrate Court, New Mexico 1993-2014
Steven M. Jaeger Nassau County Court, New York 2005-12/31/2014; 2006-2014
Steven Servaas Michigan Sixty-third Judicial District Court 1973-2014
Susan H. Grant Michigan Seventy-seventh Judicial District Court 1996-2014
T. Lynn Brown Missouri 33rd Judicial Circuit Court 1991-2014
Tammy S. Robbins Nassau County Court, New York 2005-12/31/2014
Ted A. Knight Oklahoma District 16 1983-2014
Teresa Tolle Dallas County Criminal Court, Texas
Terrence Brennan Michigan Forty-fourth Judicial District Court 1991-12/31/2014
Thomas Arthur Dunn Smith County Court at Law, Texas 1996-12/18/2014
Thomas B. Hoover Virginia 9th Judicial Circuit 1998-2014
Thomas L. Hogan Illinois Cook Judicial Circuit Court 1997-12/31/2014
Thomas L. Trimble South Dakota Seventh Judicial Circuit 1994-2014
Thomas M. Walsh (Maryland) Orphans Court of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland 2014
Thomas P. Quirk Lake Charles City Court, Louisiana 1979-2014
Tim D. Fambrough Nolan County Court, Texas 1999-2014
Timothy S. Kincaid Seventh Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina
Tina Torres Bexar County Court at Law, Texas 2013-2014
Tom Carleton Bossier Parish Justice Court, Louisiana
Tom E. Simons Deaf Smith County Court, Texas 1987-2014
Tom Lawrence Texas Justice of the Peace Courts 1982-2014
Tom Price (Texas) Texas Court of Criminal Appeals 1996-2014
Tom S. Landrith Oklahoma District 22 1995-2014
Tommy L. Nelson McKinley County Probate Court, New Mexico
Truman Dougharty Newton County Court, Texas 1998-2014
Vicki Cook Arkansas Eighteenth Circuit East 1993-2014
Victor Head Missouri 39th Judicial Circuit Court 2007-2014
Victor Reyes Colorado Tenth Judicial District 1999-2014
Victoria Graffeo State of New York Court of Appeals 2000-12/31/2014
W. H. (Bill) Heatly Texas District 50
W. Timothy Crowley Knox County, Indiana
Walter M. Holcombe Reeves County Court at Law, Texas
Warren G. Johnson South Dakota Fourth Judicial Circuit 1982-2014
Warren Silver Maine Supreme Judicial Court 2005-12/31/2014
Wayne A. Brascom Llano County Court, Texas 2007-2014
Wickham Corwin North Dakota East Central Judicial District 2008-2014
Will Feland Arkansas Twenty-Third Circuit 1/1/2013 - 12/31/2014
William Bolle Michigan Fifty-second Judicial District Court 1978-2014
William C. Birdsall New Mexico Eleventh Judicial District Court 1999-2014
William C. McIlwain North Carolina 16A Judicial District 1989-2014
William E. Weikert Dubois County Circuit Court, Indiana 1996-2014
William G. Ford New York District Courts 2009-2014
William H. Heafner North Carolina 19B Judicial District 1978-1980; 2012-2014
William J. Clarkson Missouri 36th Judicial Circuit Court 1982-2014
William L. Syler Missouri 32nd Judicial Circuit Court 1992-2014
William N. Alexander, II Virginia 22nd Judicial Circuit 1994-2014
William R. Nalitz Greene County Court of Common Pleas, Pennsylvania 1997-12/30/2014
William Robinson (New Mexico) Sierra County Probate Court, New Mexico 2011-2014
William Russell Etowah County District Court, Alabama 1993-2014
William Z. Wood, Jr. Fifth Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina 1990-2014

See also

Municipal Elections: 2014 Year in Review

By Ballotpedia's Municipal Government team

In 2014, 43 of the country's 100 largest cities held elections. One city held an election only for mayor, 20 held elections only for city council and the other 22 held elections for both positions. In total, 799 candidates ran for election across the 43 cities, with 131 mayoral candidates and 668 candidates for city council.

State Legislative Tracker: Legislative reform proposals in Oklahoma

Edited by Joel Williams
This week’s tracker includes a look at a proposed legislative reform in Oklahoma.

Signatures submitted to put California’s plastic bag ban before voters

By Ryan Byrne

California is set to become the first state in the nation to ban plastic single-use carryout bags, with stage one of the ban commencing in July 2015. The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA), an industry group representing plastic bag manufacturers, has a different plan, which might put the historic ban on hold. APBA quickly organized a veto referendum campaign in an attempt to get a Plastic Bag Ban Referendum placed on the November 8, 2016, ballot. APBA and allies had 90 days to collect 504,760 valid signatures.[1] On December 29, 2014, the final day of the referendum petition drive, opponents of the bag ban submitted over 800,000 unverified signatures, or 300,000 more than were required.[2]

The plastic bag ban was heralded by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) as "a step in the right direction," and Sen. Alex Padilla (D-20) said the "new law will greatly reduce the flow of billions of single-use plastic bags that litter our communities and harm our environment each year."[3] SB 270, the legislation banning single-use plastic bags, would allow stores to provide such bags for meat, bread, produce, bulk food and perishable items. Under SB 270, $2 million would be appropriated to state plastic bag manufacturers for the purpose of helping them retain jobs and transition to making thicker, multi-use, recycled plastic bags. Also, consumers using a payment card or voucher issued by the California Special Supplemental Food Program, a public assistance program, would not be charged for non-plastic bags, for which other consumers would pay 10¢.[4]

Lee Califf, Executive Director of APBA, deemed the 10¢ charge for reusable bags as "a back room deal between the grocers and union bosses to scam California consumers out of billions of dollars without providing any public benefit – all under the guise of environmentalism."[5] His group's campaign is in full-swing, with the APBA's ballot measure campaign committee raising $3,813,668 from nine sources, all of which are plastics producers, in the past 90 days.[6] Although APBA has raised almost $4 million in contributions and turned in over 800,000 signatures, the veto referendum hasn't been certified for the ballot yet, and an investigation might stand in the group's way.

Supporters of the plastic bag ban filed a complaint with the California Secretary of State's office in mid-December, contending that referendum proponents were misleading citizens in attempts to get them to sign their petitions. Examples of alleged misleading included telling citizens that signing a petition would support the ban or even create a nationwide ban, while the petition would actually give voters the opportunity to overturn the law. About 50 people have come forward claiming they were misled by signature collectors.[7]

If the veto referendum campaign fails to get SB 270 placed on the ballot, it will go into effect for big businesses in 2015 and for small businesses in 2016. If the referendum is certified for the ballot, the ban will be put on hold until voters get a chance to decide on the issue on the 2016 general election ballot.

Pension Hotspots: 2014 Year in Review

By Josh Altic

The Pension Hotspots Report is a monthly publication about local pensions and pension reform efforts.

Ten pension-related measures were proposed for 2014 elections. Five of these were approved and two were defeated. Court decisions removed the initiatives in Pacific Grove, California, and Ventura County, California, from the ballot. A measure in San Jose seeking to alter previously approved reform was also ultimately not put on the ballot.

This edition of the report serves as a year-end review and summary of all 2014 pension related measures covered by Ballotpedia.

January 2014