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===Committee membership===
===Committee membership===
* [[Finance Committee, Virginia House]]
*General Laws (Vice Chair)
* [[General laws Committee, Virginia House]] (Vice Chair)
*Subcommittee on ABC/Gaming (Chair)
*Subcommittee on ABC/Gaming (Chair)
* [[Transportation Committee, Virginia House]]
===Sponsored legislation===     
===Sponsored legislation===     

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Tom Gear is a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing District 91 since 2002.

Prior to his election to the Hampton City Council from 1998-2001. He currently works in real estate and is the owner of Gear-Up Printing.[1]

Committee membership

  • HB 2042 Handguns; allows retiring law-enforcement officer of State Lottery Department to purchase.
  • HB 2043 Port Authority; records of allowance or reimbursement for expenses paid officer, etc., to be open.
  • HB 2049 Removal of public official; no person who signs petition for removal of shall be liable for costs.[2]

Major donors

The top 5 donors to Gear's 2007 campaign:[3]

  • 1. VA Beer Wholesalers Assoc $4,854
  • 2. VA Wine Wholesalers Assoc $3,604
  • 3. Pomoco Auto Group $3,500
  • 4. Associated Distributors $3,000
  • 5. VA Automobile & Truck Dealers Assoc $2,750

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  2. Bill Tracking - Legislation as Chief Patron
  3. Follow the Money - 2007 Campaign Contributions