Toms River Contract Awarding Referendum Repeal (2009)

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The Toms River Contract Awarding Referendum was repealed this month in Ocean County in the township of Toms River.

A citizens initiative was petitioned for and eventually made it to the ballot in 2006 in order to make it that government contracts had to be awarded by merit and not by the financial donations made to the government. This measure passed with 8- percent of voter approval. But the law was only in affect for three years, so the township council decided that since the time limit was up they would repeal the law and not renew it. Many in the township feel that this is a step backwards, the law was put in to effect to prevent government favoring of contractors. It acted like a check for government spending, but now it is gone and many residents are unhappy the council repealed it. It is noted that taxpayers will likely end up paying more for these new contracts because the cheapest contractor will not necessarily be the one chosen for a certain job.[1]