Two Louisiana ballot questions potentially headed for fall elections

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May 11, 2010


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: Two bills in the state legislature have gained momentum and could potentially be headed to a vote in October or November. The first is a bill that would impose term limits on school board members. The bill proposes setting a limit of three consecutive four year terms to members and also instituting that limit on members already in office. The Jefferson and Lafayette parishes already have term limits set so they would be the only area not to vote in November if this measure is approved for the ballot. It currently is awaiting debate in the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs, its first hurdle in the senior chamber. Backers of the bill believe that term limits would ensure that new blood and ideas would be forced onto school boards and would potentially help with new ideas and opportunities.[1]

The second potential bill is one that would nullify the federal health care bill, making it so that those who are not uninsured would not be forced to pay a fine. This Louisiana bill is similar to 30 other bills in different states that are still pending in state legislatures. Opponents stated that the state is already in a court fight over the health care bill so this proposed constitutional amendment seems redundant and not needed. The decision of the court, whether they can opt out of the mandated health care provision, is still pending. If the measure does pass through legislation, it would appear of the October 2 ballot.[2]

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