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Union protests in Madison, Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whose "Budget Repair Bill" has sparked union protests in Madison, Wisconsin
Union protests in Madison, Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill began at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday, February 15.[1]

The protests began in advance of the approval of Assembly Bill 11, and escalated after it was approved by the Wisconsin State Legislature's Joint Finance Committee late on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 to help ease the state's $3.6 billion deficit.[2] The bill attempts to chip away at the deficit by dealing with state finances, and limiting collective bargaining rights, compensation and fringe benefits of public employees. [3]

School closings

On Wednesday, February 16, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state's largest union for teachers, called on all 98,000 of its members to attend protests in Madison on Thursday and Friday. This led to schools around the state having to close on those days.[4]

School districts that were unable to hold classes because of missing teachers included:

  • Middleton-Cross Plains
  • Wisconsin Dells
  • Madison East, Madison West, Madison Memorial
  • Glendale-River Hills
  • Watertown
  • Beaver Dam

Crowd estimates

Day Estimated crowd size (outside capitol) Estimated crowd size (inside capitol)
Tuesday, February 15 10,000 2,000
Wednesday, February 16
Thursday, February 17 20,000 5,000
Friday, February 18

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