United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

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The United States House of Representatives Committee on Veterans' Affairs is a standing committee of the U.S. Senate. The committee was created in 1970. Its inaugural session was chaired by Vance Hartke.[1]


The committee chair in the 112th Congress is Patty Murray (D).


2011-2012 (112th Congress)

Democratic Party Democrats (7)

Independent (1)

Republican Party Republicans (7)


According to the official Senate website, the jurisdiction of the Veterans' Affairs Committee includes the following:

  1. Compensation of veterans.
  2. Life insurance issued by the Government on account of service in the Armed Forces.
  3. National cemeteries.
  4. Pensions of all wars of the United States, general and special.
  5. Readjustment of servicemen to civil life.
  6. Soldiers' and sailors' civil relief.
  7. Veterans' hospitals, medical care and treatment of veterans.
  8. Veterans' measures generally.
  9. Vocational rehabilitation and education of veterans.


412 Russell Senate Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Phone: (202) 224-9126

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