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<big>'''General election candidates'''</big><br>
<big>'''General election candidates'''</big><br>

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2012 U.S. Senate Elections in New York

CandidatesPollsElection History

November 6 Election Winner:
Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Party
Incumbent prior to election:
Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Party
Kirsten Gillibrand.jpg

Cook Political Report Race Rating
     Solid D (Prior to election)

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2012 U.S. House Elections

Flag of New York.png
Voters in New York will elect one member to the U.S. Senate in the November 6, 2012 elections.

The signature filing deadline for candidates wishing to run was June 12, 2012. On January 27, 2012, Judge Gary Sharpe moved the primary date from September 11, 2012 to June 26, 2012 in order to allow for sufficient time to send absentee ballots to military voters.[1]

The election will fill the Class 1 Senate seat, which is currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand (D). First appointed to the U.S. Senate in 2009, Gillibrand is running for re-election in 2012.


Note: Election results were added on election night as races were called. Vote totals were added after official election results had been certified. For more information about Ballotpedia's election coverage plan, click here. If you find any errors in this list, please email: Geoff Pallay. General election candidates

Democratic Party Working Families Party Independence Party of America Kirsten Gillibrand
Republican Party Conservative Party Wendy Long
Green Party Colia Clark

June 26, 2012 primary results

Democratic Party Democratic Primary


Republican Party Republican primary

Conservative Party Conservative primary

Working Families Party Working Families primary

Independence Party of America Independence primary

Green Party Green party primary

Race background

Republican primary

Three Republicans face each other in the June 26 primary to see which one of them will take on Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand in the general election. U.S. Representative Bob Turner is seeking to move over to the Senate side. Attorney Wendy Long and county comptroller George Maragos are the other challengers.

Long and Maragos have taken the more conservative stance compared to Turner. For example, Turner has not taken a "no tax increases" pledge along with the other two. Turner says he's more ready to compromise in order to get things accomplished in Washington.[6] Maragos has also criticized his opponents for not seeking to repeal New York's legalization of same-sex marriage.[6]

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has endorsed Turner.[6] Giuliani says Turner's special election victory last year to succeed Anthony Weiner was "an unbelievable shot."[7]

Polls have Turner and Long out ahead of Maragos, but also show none of the three having very good chances of beating Gillibrand[8] in the strongly Democratic state of New York.[9]

Race rating

Cook Political Report

Each month the Cook Political Report releases race ratings for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House (competitive only) and Governors. There are seven possible designations: [10]

     Solid Democratic
     Likely Democratic
     Lean Democratic


     Lean Republican
     Likely Republican
     Solid Republican

Cook Political Report Race Rating -- New York Senate
Month Rating
May 31, 2012[11]     
May 10, 2012[12]     
March 22, 2012[13]     
March 1, 2012[14]     
January 26, 2012[15]     
December 22, 2011[16]     
December 1, 2011[17]     

Election history



On November 2, 2010, Chuck Schumer was re-elected to the United States Senate for a third term. He defeated Jay Townsend (R/Conservative), Colia Clark (Green), and Randy A. Credico (Anti-Prohibition, Libertarian).[18]

United States Senate, New York General Election, 2010
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngChuck Schumer Incumbent 64% 3,047,880
     Republican Jay Townsend 31.1% 1,480,423
     Green Colia Clark 3.5% 168,384
     Anti-Prohibition, Libertarian Randy A. Credico 0.9% 42,341
     Blank/Scattering 0.5% 24,871
Total Votes 4,763,899

On November 2, 2010, Gillibrand was elected to keep her appointment to the United States Senate. She defeated Joseph J. DioGuardi (R), Cecile A. Lawrence (Green), John Clifton (Libertarian), Joseph Huff (Rent Is 2 Damn High), Vivia Morgan (Anti-Prohibition), and Bruce Blakeman (Tax Revolt).[19]

United States Senate, New York Special Election, 2010
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngKirsten Gillibrand Incumbent 59.6% 2,837,684
     Republican Joseph J. DioGuardi 33.3% 1,582,693
     Green Cecile A. Lawrence 0.7% 35,489
     Libertarian John Clifton 0.4% 18,414
     Rent Is 2 Damn High Joseph Huff 0.4% 17,019
     Anti-Prohibition Vivia Morgan 0.2% 11,787
     Tax Revolt Bruce Blakeman 0.1% 4,516
     Blank/Scattering 5.3% 250,033
Total Votes 4,757,635

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