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===Democratic primary===
===Democratic primary===
|Title=Democratic primary candidates
|Title=Special election Democratic primary candidates
|Poll1=[http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/new-jersey/release-detail?ReleaseID=1906 Quinnipiac University]<br>June 7-9, 2013
|Poll1=[http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/new-jersey/release-detail?ReleaseID=1906 Quinnipiac University]<br>June 7-9, 2013
|Poll2=[http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~redlawsk/EP/Tables2013/NJSenateSpecJune2013.pdf Rutgers-Eagleton]<br>June 3-9, 2013
|Poll2=[http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~redlawsk/EP/Tables2013/NJSenateSpecJune2013.pdf Rutgers-Eagleton]<br>June 3-9, 2013
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===General election===
===General election===
|Title=Potential general election match-up
|Title=Potential special election general election match-up
|Poll1=[http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/new-jersey/release-detail?ReleaseID=1906 Quinnipiac University]<br>June 7-9, 2013
|Poll1=[http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/new-jersey/release-detail?ReleaseID=1906 Quinnipiac University]<br>June 7-9, 2013
|Poll2=[http://www.monmouth.edu/assets/0/84/159/2147483694/3dc2fa01-5d0f-4400-b766-d560177df60e.pdf Monmouth University]<br> June 10-11, 2013
|Poll2=[http://www.monmouth.edu/assets/0/84/159/2147483694/3dc2fa01-5d0f-4400-b766-d560177df60e.pdf Monmouth University]<br> June 10-11, 2013

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New Jersey will hold a special election for the U.S. Senate in 2013. The general election is scheduled for October 16, 2013, following a primary election on August 13, 2013.[1]

The special election will be held to fill the vacancy left by the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) on June 3, 2013.[2] His seat will be filled with a temporary replacement appointed by Governor Chris Christie until the special election elects a permanent successor.[3]

Christie announced at a press conference on June 4, 2013 that he had opted against appointing a successor to Lautenberg to serve until the 2014 election, and instead announced the special election would take place.[4] Christie also said he would appoint an interim Senator to serve between June and November. On June 6, 2013 Christie announced New Jersey Attorney General Jeff Chiesa would serve as the interim Senator.[5][4][6]

New Jersey has a mixed primary system -- registered Democrats and Republicans can only vote in their own party's primary, but previously unaffiliated voters may declare a party at the polls. Independent voters may also vote in either party's primary. The registration deadline for voting in the primary is July 23, 2012, 21 days before the primary.[7]

Candidate Filing Deadline Primary Election General Election
June 10, 2013[8]
August 13, 2013
October 16, 2013


Democratic primary

Republican primary

Declined to run

Race background

Christie's decision to call a special election was challenged in the state's Supreme Court.[19]

Challenges to the special election have argued the law requires Christie should designate the special Senate election to be held the same time as his own gubernatorial election three weeks later, rather than October 16, 2013.[20] By holding it October 16 challengers argue that voters will be confused and will wind up staying away from the polls, creating disenfranchisement.[20]

The appellate division of the state Superior Court ruled against the plaintiffs and judged that Gov. Chris Christie acted properly when he decided to hold a special election on October 16.[21] The court cited NJSA 19:27-6, which provides that if a vacancy occurs in the the U.S. Senate the election shall take place at the general election next succeeding unless the vacancy occurs within 70 days next preceding the primary election prior to the general election.[21]

"Without question, the Governor was authorized to call a special election in this circumstance, where the vacancy occurred one day prior to the primary," the court's decision reads.[21] The court held that there was no evidence a separate election would generate voter confusion.[20] Opponents attempted to seek an appeal of the decision,[20] but on June 20, 2013 the state Supreme Court denied a request to hear the appeal.[22]

When questioned whether he would endorse Steve Lonegan (R) in the Senate race, Gov. Christie responded by saying, "“I’ve got my own campaign to run, first off. And so to the extent that I can be helpful to the Republican nominee, whoever that turns out to be, I’m sure that I’ll find some time to be helpful, but I have my own campaign to run at the same time and so my focus will be on my campaign.”[23]


Democratic primary

Special election Democratic primary candidates
Poll Cory Booker Rush HoltFrank PalloneSheila OliverUndecidedMargin of ErrorSample Size
Quinnipiac University
June 7-9, 2013
June 3-9, 2013
Monmouth University
June 10-11, 2013
Rasmussen Reports
June 12-13, 2013
AVERAGES 56.25% 10% 8.25% 2.75% 20.5% +/-3.4 845.5
Note: The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race. Those displayed are a random sampling chosen by Ballotpedia staff. If you would like to nominate another poll for inclusion in the table, send an email to editor@ballotpedia.org.

Note: The Quinnipiac University poll from June 7-9 and Rutgers-Eagleton poll from June 3-9 were concluded prior to the filing deadline for candidates.

General election

Potential special election general election match-up
Poll Cory Booker Steve LoneganUndecidedMargin of ErrorSample Size
Quinnipiac University
June 7-9, 2013
Monmouth University
June 10-11, 2013
Rasmussen Reports
June 12-13, 2013
AVERAGES 52.33% 32.33% 15.33% +/-3.43 831.33
Note: The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race. Those displayed are a random sampling chosen by Ballotpedia staff. If you would like to nominate another poll for inclusion in the table, send an email to editor@ballotpedia.org.


Holt released an introductory campaign video on June 19, 2013 in which he made clear that he is not Cory Booker, the Democratic frontrunner in the special election.

Rep. Rush Holt released his first video of the campaign on June 19, 2013 in which he started the video by admitting that he is no Cory Booker.[24] “I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no Cory Booker. I don’t have a million Twitter followers, I’ve never run into a burning building, and I’m not friends with Mark Zuckerberg, though I did like him on Facebook.”[25][24] Many believe that the video is a smart move for Holt, who many believe has no chance of competing with Booker’s massive online following, the millions of dollars he will raise and the celebrity status he has attained.[24] As the video makes clear, Holt not going to try. Instead, he is embracing the role of quirky underdog in his primary bid for for Senate seat.[24]


Just weeks before leaving office as the interim Senator in Massachusetts, Mo Cowan endorsed Cory Booker on June 4, 2013 for the seat.[26] Cowan noted that he was just the eighth black American to serve in the Senate, and continued by saying “As I vacate the hallowed halls of Congress, perhaps he’ll come in not too late after me and continue I hope is a very popular trend in the Congress, particular in the Senate, which is to continue to show representation of all people."[26] On June 9, 2013 Booker received the backing of George E. Norcross III, an insurance executive and hospital chairman who is seen as "the most powerful figure in New Jersey Democratic politics" according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.[27]

Two of the most powerful unions in the state, The New Jersey Education Association and the state branch of the Communication Workers Association of America, announced on June 12, 2013 that they would withhold endorsements in the August 13th primary election.[28] “We’re unlikely to endorse in the primary,” said NJEA government relations director Ginger Gold. “This is a really politically complicated situation for organizations like ours because we have good friends running against each other, so there’s no advantage for us to get involved in this primary.”[28]

District history


See also: United States Senate elections in New Jersey, 2012

Bob Menendez won re-election in 2012.[29] He was unopposed in the June 5 Democratic primary and defeated Joe Kyrillos (R) and Jeff Boss (I) in the November general election.

U.S. Senate, New Jersey, General Election, 2012
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngRobert Menendez Incumbent 58.9% 1,987,680
     Republican Joe Kyrillos 39.4% 1,329,534
     Libertarian Kenneth R. Kaplan 0.5% 16,803
     Green Ken Wolski 0.5% 15,801
     Jersey Strong Independents Gwen Diakos 0.3% 9,359
     Totally Independent Candidate J. David Dranikoff 0.1% 3,834
     America First Inder "Andy" Soni 0.1% 3,593
     Responsibility Fairness Integrity Robert "Turk" Turkavage 0.1% 3,532
     Socialist Party USA Gregory Pason 0.1% 2,249
     No Slogan Eugene Martin Lavergne 0.1% 2,198
     Reform Nation Daryl Mikell Brooks 0.1% 2,066
Total Votes 3,376,649
Source: New Jersey Secretary of State "Official Election Results, 2012 General Election"


On November 4, 2008, Lautenberg was re-elected to the United States Senate for a fourth non-consecutive term. He defeated Dick Zimmer (R), Jason Scheurer (Libertarian), J.M. Carter (God We Trust), Daryl Mikell Brooks (Poor People’s Campaign), Sara Lobman (Socialist Workers) and Jeffrey Boss (Boss for Senate).[30]

United States Senate, New Jersey General Election, 2008
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngFrank Lautenberg Incumbent 56% 1,951,218
     Republican Dick Zimmer 42% 1,461,025
     Libertarian Jason Scheurer 0.5% 18,810
     God We Trust J.M. Carter 0.5% 15,935
     Poor People’s Campaign Daryl Mikell Brooks 0.5% 15,925
     Socialist Workers Sara Lobman 0.3% 10,345
     Boss for Senate Jeffrey Boss 0.3% 9,187
Total Votes 3,482,445

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