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|Ethnicity=4.1% Hispanic
|Ethnicity=4.1% Hispanic
|Special=[[Alabama's 1st Congressional District special election, 2013|District 1 Special election, 2013]]
|Special=[[Alabama's 1st Congressional District special election, 2013|District 1 Special election, 2013]]
}}{{TOC maker|1=Current members|1.1=U.S. Senate|1.2=U.S. House|2=Historical members|2.1=Senate|2.2=House}}This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Alabama]].
}}{{tnr}}This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Alabama]].
Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Alabama.
Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Alabama.

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Alabama districts.jpg
Gender51.5% Female, 48.5% Male
Race70% White, 26.5% Black, 1.2% Asian[1]
Ethnicity4.1% Hispanic
Unemployment rate5.1%
Median household income$41,458
Voter registration statisticsN/A
2012 Voter turnout58.9%
2012 Pres results60.55% Romney, 38.36% Obama
Upcoming electionsU.S. House, 2016
U.S. Senate, 2016
District 1 Special election, 2013
This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Alabama.

Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Alabama.

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from Alabama
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 0 1 1
     Republican Party 2 6 8
TOTALS as of March 2015 2 7 9

Current members


United States Congressional Delegations by State

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U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Alabama are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions.jpg
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Alabama 1997January 3, 2021November 3, 2020Link
Richard Shelby
Richard Shelby.JPG
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Alabama 1987January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Alabama are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Bradley Byrne
Rep Bradley Byrne.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 1 2014January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer official congressional photo.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 6 2015January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Martha Roby
Martha Roby.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 2 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers AL.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 3 2003January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 5 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Robert Aderholt
Robert Aderholt.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 4 1997January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Terri Sewell
Terri Sewell.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 7 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link

Historical members


Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Alabama
Party Total
     Democratic 31
     Republican 8
     Jacksonian 4
Total Senators 43
Class 2 Senators from Alabama
Senator Years Served Party
William R. King 1819-1844 Republican
Dixon H. Lewis 1844-1848 Democratic
Benjamin Fitzpatrick 1848-1849 Democratic
Jeremiah Clemens 1849-1853 Democratic
Clement Claiborne Clay, Jr. 1853-1861 Democratic
Willard Warner 1868-1871 Republican
George Goldthwaite 1871-1877 Democratic
John T. Morgan 1877-1907 Democratic
John H. Bankhead 1907-1920 Democratic
Braxton B. Comer 1920-1920 Democratic
J. Thomas Heflin 1920-1931 Democratic
John H. Bankhead II 1931-1946 Democratic
George R. Swift 1946-1946 Democratic
John J. Sparkman 1946-1979 Democratic
Howell T. Heflin 1979-1997 Democratic
Jeff Sessions 1997-Present Republican
Class 3 Senators from Alabama
Senator Years Served Party
John W. Walker 1819-1822 Republican
William Kelly 1822-1825 Republican
Henry H. Chambers 1825-1826 Jacksonian
Israel Pickens 1826-1826 Jacksonian
John McKinley 1826-1831 Jacksonian
Gabriel Moore 1831-1837 Jacksonian
John McKinley 1837-1837 Democratic
Clement Comer Clay 1837-1841 Democratic
Arthur P. Bagby 1841-1848 Democratic
William R. King 1848-1852 Democratic
Benjamin Fitzpatrick 1853-1861 Democratic
George E. Spencer 1868-1879 Republican
George S. Houston 1879-1879 Democratic
Luke Pryor 1880-1880 Democratic
James L. Pugh 1880-1897 Democratic
Edmund W. Pettus 1897-1907 Democratic
Joseph F. Johnston 1907-1913 Democratic
Francis S. White 1914-1915 Democratic
Oscar W. Underwood 1915-1927 Democratic
Hugo L. Black 1927-1937 Democratic
Dixie Bibb Graves 1937-1938 Democratic
J. Lister Hill 1938-1969 Democratic
James B. Allen 1969-1978 Democratic
Maryon Pittman Allen 1978-1978 Democratic
Donald W. Stewart 1978-1981 Democratic
Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr. 1981-1987 Republican
Richard Shelby 1987-Present Republican


Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Alabama
Party Total
     Democratic 75
     Republican 21
     Whig 6
     Know-Nothing 1
     Greenbacker 1
     Populist 2
Total Representatives 106
Representatives to the U.S. House from Alabama
Representative Years Served Party
John Crowell 1819–1821 Democratic
Gabriel Moore 1821–1829 Democratic
John McKee 1823–1829 Democratic
George Washington Owen 1823–1829 Democratic
Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor 1829–1831 Democratic
Clement Comer Clay 1829–1835 Democratic
Dixon Hall Lewis 1829–1844 Democratic
Samuel W. Mardis 1831–1835 Democratic
John McKinley 1833–1835 Democratic
John Murphy 1833–1835 Democratic
Joab Lawler 1835-1838 Democratic
Francis S. Lyon 1835–1839 Republican
Joshua L. Martin 1835–1839 Democratic
Reuben Chapman 1835–1847 Democratic
George W. Crabb 1838–1841 Whig
James Dellet 1839–1841 and 1843–1845 Whig
David Hubbard 1839–1841 and 1849–1851 Democratic
Benjamin Glover Shields 1841–1843 Democratic
William W. Payne 1841–1847 Democratic
George S. Houston 1841–1849 and 1851–1861 Democratic
James E. Belser 1843–1845 Democratic
Felix G. McConnell 1843–1846 Democratic
William Lowndes Yancey 1844–1846 Democratic
Edmund S. Dargan 1845–1847 Democratic
Henry W. Hilliard 1845–1851 Whig
James L. Cottrell 1846–1847 Democratic
Franklin Welsh Bowdon 1846–1851 Democratic
John Gayle 1847–1849 Whig
Samuel Williams Inge 1847–1851 Democratic
Sampson Willis Harris 1847–1857 Democratic
Williamson R. W. Cobb 1847–1861 Democratic
William J. Alston 1849–1851 Whig
John Bragg 1851–1853 Democratic
Alexander White 1851–1853 and 1873–1875 Republican
James Abercrombie 1851–1855 Whig
William Russell Smith 1851–1857 Democratic
Philip Phillips 1853–1855 Democratic
James F. Dowdell 1853–1859 Democratic
Percy Walker 1855–1857 Know-Nothing
Eli S. Shorter 1855–1859 Democratic
Jabez L. M. Curry 1857–1861 Democratic
Sydenham Moore 1857–1861 Democratic
James A. Stallworth 1857–1861 Democratic
David Clopton 1859–1861 Democratic
James L. Pugh 1859–1861 Democratic
John B. Callis 1868–1869 Republican
Thomas Haughey 1868–1869 Republican
Francis William Kellogg 1868–1869 Republican
Benjamin White Norris 1868–1869 Republican
Charles W. Pierce 1868–1869 Republican
Charles W. Buckley 1868–1873 Republican
Alfred E. Buck 1869–1871 Republican
Robert S. Heflin 1869–1871 Republican
William C. Sherrod 1869–1871 Democratic
Peter M. Dox 1869–1873 Democratic
Charles Hays 1869–1877 Republican
William A. Handley 1871–1873 Democratic
Benjamin S. Turner 1871–1873 Republican
Joseph H. Sloss 1871–1875 Democratic
Frederick G. Bromberg 1873–1875 Republican
Charles Pelham 1873–1875 Republican
James T. Rapier 1873–1875 Republican
Charles C. Sheats 1873–1875 Republican
John Henry Caldwell 1873–1877 Democratic
Taul Bradford 1875–1877 Democratic
Jeremiah Haralson 1875–1877 Republican
Burwell Boykin Lewis 1875–1880 Democratic
Jeremiah N. Williams 1875–1879 Democratic
Goldsmith W. Hewitt 1875–1879 and 1881–1885 Democratic
William H. Forney 1875–1893 Democratic
William Willis Garth 1877–1879 Democratic
Robert F. Ligon 1877–1879 Democratic
James T. Jones 1877–1879 and 1883–1889 Democratic
Charles M. Shelley 1877–1885 Democratic
Hilary A. Herbert 1877–1893 Democratic
William J. Samford 1879–1881 Democratic
William M. Lowe 1879–1882 Greenbacker
Thomas H. Herndon 1879–1883 Democratic
Thomas Williams 1879–1885 Democratic
Newton N. Clements 1880–1881 Democratic
Joseph Wheeler 1881–1883 and 1885–1890 Democratic
William C. Oates 1881–1894 Democratic
Luke Pryor 1883–1885 Democratic
George H. Craig 1885 Republican
John Mason Martin 1885–1887 Democratic
Thomas W. Sadler 1885–1887 Democratic
Alexander C. Davidson 1885–1889 Democratic
James E. Cobb 1887–1896 Democratic
John H. Bankhead 1887–1907 Democratic
Louis Washington Turpin 1889–1895 Democratic
Richard Henry Clarke 1889–1897 Democratic
John Van McDuffie 1890–1891 Republican
William Henry Denson 1893–1895 Democratic
Gaston A. Robbins 1893–1896,1899–1900 Democratic
Jesse F. Stallings 1893–1901 Democratic
George Paul Harrison 1894–1897 Democratic
Oscar Underwood 1895–1896 and 1897–1915 Democratic
Milford W. Howard 1895–1899 Populist
Truman H. Aldrich 1896–1897 Republican
Albert T. Goodwyn 1896–1897 Populist
William F. Aldrich 1896–1901 Republican
Thomas S. Plowman 1897–1898 Democratic
Willis Brewer 1897–1901 Democratic
Henry D. Clayton 1897–1914 Democratic
George W. Taylor 1897–1915 Democratic
John L. Burnett 1899–1919 Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Alabama
Party Total
     Democratic 59
     Republican 11
Total Representatives 70
Representatives to the U.S. House from Alabama
Representative Years Served Party
William N. Richardson 1900–1914 Democratic
Charles Winston Thompson 1901–1904 Democratic
Sydney J. Bowie 1901–1907 Democratic
Ariosto A. Wiley 1901–1908 Democratic
J. Thomas Heflin 1904–1920 Democratic
William B. Craig 1907–1911 Democratic
Richmond P. Hobson 1907–1915 Democratic
Oliver C. Wiley 1908–1909 Democratic
S. Hubert Dent, Jr. 1909–1921 Democratic
Fred L. Blackmon 1911–1921 Democratic
John Abercrombie 1913–1917 Democratic
Christopher C. Harris 1914–1915 Democratic
William O. Mulkey 1914–1915 Democratic
Oscar L. Gray 1915–1919 Democratic
Edward B. Almon 1915–1933 Democratic
George Huddleston 1915–1937 Democratic
William Bacon Oliver 1915–1937 Democratic
Henry B. Steagall 1915–1943 Democratic
William B. Bankhead 1917–1940 Democratic
Lilius B. Rainey 1919–1923 Democratic
John McDuffie 1919–1935 Democratic
William B. Bowling 1920–1928 Democratic
John R. Tyson 1921–1923 Democratic
Lamar Jeffers 1921–1935 Democratic
Miles C. Allgood 1923–1935 Democratic
J. Lister Hill 1923–1938 Democratic
LaFayette L. Patterson 1928–1933 Democratic
Archibald Hill Carmichael 1933–1937 Democratic
Joe Starnes 1935–1945 Democratic
Sam Hobbs 1935–1951 Democratic
Frank W. Boykin 1935–1963 Democratic
Luther Patrick 1937–1943 and 1945–1947 Democratic
John Sparkman 1937–1946 Democratic
Pete Jarman 1937–1949 Democratic
George M. Grant 1938–1965 Democratic
Zadoc L. Weatherford 1940–1941 Democratic
Walter W. Bankhead 1941 Democratic
Carter Manasco 1941–1949 Democratic
John P. Newsome 1943–1945 Democratic
George W. Andrews 1944–1971 Democratic
Albert Rains 1945–1965 Democratic
Laurie C. Battle 1947–1955 Democratic
Robert E. Jones, Jr. 1947–1977 Democratic
Edward deGraffenried 1949–1953 Democratic
Carl Elliott 1949–1965 Democratic
Kenneth A. Roberts 1951–1965 Democratic
Armistead I. Selden, Jr. 1953–1969 Democratic
George Huddleston, Jr. 1955–1965 Democratic
Glenn Andrews 1965–1967 Republican
James D. Martin 1965–1967 Republican
John Hall Buchanan, Jr. 1965–1981 Republican
Jack Edwards 1965–1985 Republican
William Louis Dickinson 1965–1993 Republican
William Flynt Nichols 1967–1988 Democratic
Tom Bevill 1967–1997 Democratic
Walter Flowers 1969–1979 Democratic
Elizabeth B. Andrews 1972–1973 Democratic
Ronnie Flippo 1977–1991 Democratic
Richard Shelby 1979–1987 Democratic
Albert L. Smith, Jr. 1981–1983 Republican
Ben Erdreich 1983–1993 Democratic
Sonny Callahan 1985–2003 Republican
Claude Harris, Jr. 1987–1993 Democratic
Glen Browder 1989–1997 Democratic
Robert E. Cramer 1991–2009 Democratic
Earl F. Hilliard 1993–2003 Democratic
Terry Everett 1993–2009 Republican
Spencer Bachus 1993-2015 Republican
Bob R. Riley 1997–2003 Republican
Robert Aderholt 1997-Present Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Alabama
Party Total
     Democratic 3
     Republican 7
Total Representatives 10
Representatives to the U.S. House from Alabama
Representative Years Served Party
Artur Davis 2003–2011 Democratic
Jo Bonner 2003-2013 Republican
Mike Rogers 2003-Present Republican
Bobby Bright 2009–2011 Democratic
Parker Griffith 2009–2011 Republican
Martha Roby 2011-Present Republican
Mo Brooks 2011-Present Republican
Terri Sewell 2011-Present Democratic
Bradley Byrne 2014-Present Republican
Gary Palmer 2015-Present Republican

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