United States congressional delegations from Illinois

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This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Illinois.

Current members

U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Illinois are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:Predecessor:
Dick Durbin
Richard Durbin.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Illinois 1997January 3, 2015 November 4, 2014LinkPaul M. Simon (D)
Mark Kirk
Mark Kirk.jpg
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Illinois 2011January 3, 2017November 2016LinkRoland W. Burris (D)

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Illinois are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:Predecessor:
Aaron Schock
Aaron Schock.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 18 2009January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkRay LaHood (R)
Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 16 2011January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkDebbie Halvorson (D)
Bill Foster
Bill Foster.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 11 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkAdam Kinzinger (R)
Bobby L. Rush
Bobby Rush.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 1 1993January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkCharles Hayes (D)
Brad Schneider
Brad Schneider.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 10 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkRobert J. Dold (R)
Cheri Bustos
Cheri Bustos.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 17 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkBobby Schilling (R)
Daniel Lipinski
Daniel Lipinski.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 3 2005January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkWilliam O. Lipinski (D)
Danny K. Davis
Danny K. Davis.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 7 1997January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkCardiss Collins (D)
Jan Schakowsky
Janice D. Schakowsky.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 9 1999January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkSidney Yates (D)
John Shimkus
John Shimkus.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 15 1997January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkDavid D. Phelps (D)
Luis V. Gutierrez
Luis V. Gutierrez.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 4 1993January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkGeorge E. Sangmeister (D)
Mike Quigley
Mike Quigley.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 5 2009January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkRahm Emanuel (D)
Peter J. Roskam
Peter J. Roskam.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 6 2007January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkHenry J. Hyde (R)
Randy Hultgren
Randy Hultgren.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 14 2011January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkBill Foster (D)
Robin Kelly
Robin Kelly.png
Democratic PartyDistrict 2 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkJesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D)
Rodney Davis
Rodney davis.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 13 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkTimothy V. Johnson (R)
Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 8 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkJoe Walsh (R)
William Enyart
Bill Enyart.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 12 2013January 3, 2015November 4, 2014LinkJerry Costello (D)

Historical members

List of United States Senators from Illinois

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Illinois.

Historical Representation to the US Senate by Party from Illinois
Party Total
     Democratic 23
     Republican 25
     Jacksonian 3
     CRR 1
     Independent 1
Total Senators 53
Class 2 Senators from Illinois
Senator Years Served Party
Jesse B. Thomas Republican 1818-1829
John McLean Jacksonian 1829-1830
David J. Baker Democratic 1830-1830
John M. Robinson Democratic 1830-1841
Samuel McRoberts Democratic 1841-1843
James Semple Democratic 1843-1847
Stephen A. Douglas Democratic 1847-1861
Orville H. Browning Republican 1861-1863
William A. Richardson Democratic 1863-1865
Richard Yates Republican 1865-1871
John A. Logan Republican 1871-1877
David Davis Independent 1877-1883
Shelby M. Cullom Republican 1883-1913
James Hamilton Lewis Democratic 1913-1919
J. Medill McCormick Republican 1919-1925
Charles S. Deneen Republican 1925-1931
James Hamilton Lewis Democratic 1931-1939
James M. Slattery Democratic 1939-1940
C. Wayland Brooks Republican 1940-1949
Paul H. Douglas Democratic 1949-1967
Charles H. Percy Republican 1967-1985
Paul M. Simon Democratic 1985-1997
Richard Durbin Democratic 1997-Present
Class 3 Senators from Illinois
Senator Years Served Party
Ninian Edwards Republican 1818-1824
John McLean CRR 1824-1825
Elias K. Kane Jacksonian 1825-1835
William Lee D. Ewing Jacksonian 1835-1837
Richard M. Young Democratic 1837-1843
Sidney Breese Democratic 1843-1849
James Shields Democratic 1849-1855
Lyman Trumbull Republican 1855-1873
Richard J. Oglesby Republican 1873-1879
John A. Logan Republican 1879-1886
Charles B. Farwell Republican 1887-1891
John McAuley Palmer Democratic 1891-1897
William E. Mason Republican 1897-1903
Albert J. Hopkins Republican 1903-1909
William Lorimer Republican 1909-1912
Lawrence Y. Sherman Republican 1913-1921
William B. McKinley Republican 1921-1926
Frank L. Smith Republican 1926-1928
Otis F. Glenn Republican 1928-1933
William H. Dieterich Democratic 1933-1939
Scott W. Lucas Democratic 1939-1951
Everett McKinley Dirksen Republican 1951-1969
Ralph Tyler Smith Republican 1969-1970
Adlai E. Stevenson III Democratic 1970-1981
Alan J. Dixon Democratic 1981-1993
Carol Moseley-Braun Democratic 1993-1999
Peter G. Fitzgerald Republican 1999-2005
Barack Obama Democratic 2005-2008
Roland W. Burris Democratic 2009-2010
Mark Kirk Republican 2010-Present

U.S. Senate delegation from Illinois

List of United States Representatives from Illinois

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Illinois.