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{{State delegation infobox
|Image=Minnesota map.PNG
|Gender=50.3% Female, 49.7% Male
|Race=86.5% White, 5.5% Black, 4.4% Asian, 1.3% Native American
|Ethnicity=4.9% Hispanic
|Median income=$58,476
|Voter turnout=76.1%
|Voter reg=
|President=52.65% Obama, 44.96% Romney
This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Minnesota]].
This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Minnesota]].
==Current members==
Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Minnesota.
Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Minnesota.
==Current members==
===U.S. Senate===
===U.S. Senate===
The current members of the [[U.S. Senate]] from [[Minnesota]] are:
::''See also: [[Classes of United States Senators]]<br>
The current members of the [[United States Senate|U.S. Senate]] from [[Minnesota]] are:
===U.S. House===
===U.S. House===
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{{Minnesota congress}}
{{Minnesota congress}}
[[Category:List of U.S. congressional members, Minnesota]]
[[Category:List of congressional members by state]]

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Minnesota map.PNG
Gender50.3% Female, 49.7% Male
Race86.5% White, 5.5% Black, 4.4% Asian, 1.3% Native American[1]
Ethnicity4.9% Hispanic
Unemployment rate8.7%
Median household income$58,476
2012 Voter turnout76.1%
2012 Pres results52.65% Obama, 44.96% Romney
Upcoming electionsU.S. House, 2016

This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Minnesota.


United States Congressional Delegations by State

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Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Minnesota.

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from Minnesota
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 2 5 7
     Republican Party 0 3 3
TOTALS as of April 2015 2 8 10

Current members

U.S. Senate

See also: Classes of United States Senators

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Minnesota are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Al Franken
Al Franken.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Minnesota 2009January 3, 2021November 2020Link
Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Minnesota 2007January 3, 2019November 2018Link

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Minnesota are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Betty McCollum
Betty McCollum.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 4 2009January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Collin Peterson
Collin Peterson.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 7 1991January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Erik Paulsen
Erik Paulsen.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 3 2009January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
John Kline
John Kline.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 2 2003January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Keith Ellison
Keith Ellison.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 5 2007January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Rick Nolan
Rick Nolan 113th Congress.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 8 2013January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Tim Walz
Tim Walz.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 1 2007January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Tom Emmer
Tom Emmer.png
Republican PartyDistrict 6 2015January 7, 2017November 8, 2016Link

Historical members

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Minnesota
Party Total
     Republican 26
     Democratic 13
     Farmer-Labor 3
     Independent 1
Total Senators 43
Class 1 Senators from Minnesota
Senator Years Served Party
Henry M. Rice 1858-1863 Democratic
Alexander Ramsey 1863-1875 Republican
Samuel J. R. McMillan 1875-1887 Republican
Cushman K. Davis 1887-1900 Republican
Charles A. Towne 1900-1901 Democratic
Moses E. Clapp 1901-1917 Republican
Frank B. Kellogg 1917-1923 Republican
Henrik Shipstead 1923-1947 Republican
Edward J. Thye 1947-1959 Republican
Eugene J. McCarthy 1959-1971 Democratic
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. 1971-1978 Democratic
Muriel B. Humphrey 1978-1978 Democratic
David F. Durenberger 1978-1995 Republican
Rod Grams 1995-2001 Republican
Mark Dayton 2001-2007 Democratic
Amy Klobuchar 2007-Present Democratic
Class 2 Senators from Minnesota
Senator Years Served Party
James Shields 1858-1859 Democratic
Morton S. Wilkinson 1859-1865 Republican
Daniel S. Norton 1865-1870 Republican
William Windom 1870-1871 Republican
Ozora P. Stearns 1871-1871 Republican
William Windom 1871-1881 Republican
A. J. Edgerton 1881-1881 Republican
William Windom 1881-1883 Republican
Dwight M. Sabin 1883-1889 Republican
William D. Washburn 1889-1895 Republican
Knute Nelson 1895-1923 Republican
Magnus Johnson 1923-1925 FL
Thomas D. Schall 1925-1935 Republican
Elmer A. Benson 1935-1936 FL
Guy V. Howard 1936-1937 Republican
Ernest Lundeen 1937-1940 FL
Joseph H. Ball 1940-1942 Republican
Arthur E. Nelson 1942-1943 Republican
Joseph H. Ball 1943-1949 Republican
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. 1949-1964 Democratic
Walter F. Mondale 1964-1976 Democratic
Wendell R. Anderson 1976-1978 Democratic
Rudolph E. 1978-1991 Republican
Paul D. Wellstone 1991-2002 Democratic
Dean Barkley 2002-2003 I
Norm Coleman 2003-2009 Republican
Al Franken 2009-Present Democratic

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Minnesota.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Minnesota
Party Total
     Democratic 11
     Republican 32
     Populist 2
Total Representatives 45
Representatives to the U.S. House from Minnesota
Representative Years Served Party
Donald Michael Cavanaugh 1858-1859 Democratic
William Wallace Phelps 1858-1859 Democratic
Cyrus Aldrich 1859-1863 Republican
William Windom 1859-1869 Republican
Ignatius Loyola Donnelly 1863-1869 Republican
Eugene McLanahan Wilson 1869-1871 Democratic
Morton S. Wilkinson 1869-1871 Republican
John T. Averill 1871-1873 Republican
Mark H. Dunnell 1871-1883 Republican
John T. Averill 1873-1875 Republican
Horace B. Strait 1873-1879 Republican
William S. King 1875-1877 Republican
Henry Poehler 1877-1879 Democratic
Jacob H. Stewart 1877-1879 Republican
William D. Washburn 1879-1883 Republican
Horace B. Strait 1881-1883 Republican
William D. Washburn 1883-1885 Republican
Horace B. Strait 1883-1887 Republican
James Wakefield 1883-1887 Republican
Milo White 1883-1887 Republican
Knute Nelson 1883-1889 Republican
John Gilfillan 1885-1887 Republican
John L. MacDonald 1887-1889 Democratic
Edmund Rice 1887-1889 Democratic
Thomas Wilson 1887-1889 Democratic
John Lind 1887-1893 Republican
Mark H. Dunnell 1889-1891 Republican
Solomon Comstock 1889-1891 Republican
Darwin Hall 1889-1891 Republican
Samuel Snider 1889-1891 Republican
James Castle 1891-1893 Democratic
Kittel Halvorson 1891-1893 Populist
William H. Harries 1891-1893 Democratic
Osee M. Hall 1891-1895 Democratic
Melvin Baldwin 1893-1895 Democratic
Haldor Boen 1893-1895 Populist
Andrew Kiefer 1893-1897 Republican
Loren Fletcher 1893-1903 Republican
James McCleary 1893-1907 Republican
James Albertus Tawney 1893-1911 Republican
Charles A. Towne 1895-1897 Republican
Frank Eddy 1895-1903 Republican
Joel Heatwole 1895-1903 Republican
Robert P. Morris 1897-1903 Republican
Frederick Stevens 1897-1915 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Minnesota
Party Total
     Democratic 25
     Republican 63
     Farmer-Labor 15
Total Representatives 103
Representatives to the U.S. House from Minnesota
Representative Years Served Party
John Lind 1903-1905 Democratic
Clarence Buckman 1903-1907 Republican
James Bede 1903-1909 Republican
Halvor Steenerson 1903-1923 Republican
Andrew Volstead 1903-1923 Republican
Charles Russell Davis 1903-1925 Republican
Loren Fletcher 1905-1907 Republican
Winfield Scott Hammond 1907-1905 Democratic
Frank Nye 1907-1913 Republican
Charles August Lindbergh 1907-1917 Republican
Clarence B. Miller 1909-1919 Republican
Sydney Anderson 1911-1925 Republican
James Manahan 1913-1915 Republican
George Ross Smith 1913-1917 Republican
Carl Van Dyke 1915-1919 Democratic
Franklin Ellsworth 1915-1921 Republican
Thomas D. Schall 1915-1925 Republican
Ernest Lundeen 1917-1919 Republican
Harold Knutson 1917-1933 Republican
William Leighton Carss 1919-1921 Farmer-Labor
Oscar Keller 1919-1927 Republican
Walter Newton 1919-1929 Republican
Oscar Larson 1921-1925 Republican
Frank Clague 1921-1933 Republican
Knud Wefald 1923-1927 Farmer-Labor
Ole J. Kvale 1923-1929 Farmer-Labor
William Leighton Carss 1925-1929 Farmer-Labor
Allen J. Furlow 1925-1929 Republican
August H. Andresen 1925-1933 Republican
Godfrey G. Goodwin 1925-1933 Republican
Melvin Maas 1927-1933 Republican
Conrad Selvig 1927-1933 Republican
Victor Christgau 1929-1933 Republican
Paul John Kvale 1929-1933 Farmer-Labor
William I. Nolan 1929-1933 Republican
William Alvin Pittenger 1929-1933 Republican
Henry M. Arens 1933-1935 Farmer-Labor
Ray P. Chase 1933-1935 Republican
Theodore Christianson 1933-1935 Republican
Einar Hoidale 1933-1935 Democratic
Magnus Johnson 1933-1935 Farmer-Labor
Harold Knutson 1933-1935 Republican
Paul John Kvale 1933-1935 Farmer-Labor
Ernest Lundeen 1933-1935 Republican
Francis Shoemaker 1933-1935 Farmer-Labor
Theodore Christianson 1935-1937 Republican
Ernest Lundeen 1935-1937 Republican
William Alvin Pittenger 1935-1937 Republican
Paul John Kvale 1935-1939 Farmer-Labor
Elmer Ryan 1935-1941 Democratic
Rich T. Buckler 1935-1943 Farmer-Labor
Melvin Maas 1935-1945 Republican
Harold Knutson 1935-1949 Republican
August H. Andresen 1935-1958 Republican
John Bernard 1937-1939 Farmer-Labor
Dewey Johnson 1937-1939 Farmer-Labor
Henry Teigan 1937-1939 Farmer-Labor
John G. Alexander 1939-1941 Republican
Oscar Youngdahl 1939-1943 Republican
William Alvin Pittenger 1939-1947 Republican
Herman Carl Andersen 1939-1963 Republican
Richard Pillsbury Gale 1941-1945 Republican
Joseph P. O'Hara 1941-1959 Republican
Harold Hagen 1943-1945 Farmer-Labor
Walter Judd 1943-1963 Republican
William Gallagher 1945-1946 Democratic
Frank Starkey 1945-1947 Democratic
Harold Hagen 1945-1955 Republican
James Mevitt 1947-1949 Democratic
George MacKinnon 1947-1949 Republican
John Blatnik 1947-1975 Democratic
Eugene McCarthy 1949-1959 Democratic
Roy Wier 1949-1961 Democratic
Fred Marshall 1949-1963 Democratic
Coya Knutson 1955-1959 Democratic
Al Quie 1958-1979 Republican
Odin Langen 1959-1963 Republican
Ancher Nelsen 1959-1974 Republican
Joseph Karth 1959-1977 Democratic
Clark MacGregor 1961-1971 Republican
Alec G. Olson 1963-1967 Democratic
Odin Langen 1963-1971 Republican
Edward D. Fraser 1963-1979 Republican
John M. Zwach 1967-1975 Republican
Robert Bergland 1971-1977 Democratic
Bill Frenzel 1971-1991 Republican
Richard Nolan 1975-1981 Democratic
Tom Hagedorn 1975-1983 Republican
James Louis Oberstar 1975-2011 Democratic
Arlan Stangeland 1977-1991 Republican
Bruce Vento 1977-2000 Democratic
Arlen Erdahl 1979-1983 Republican
Martin Olav Sabo 1979-2007 Democratic
Vin Weber 1981-1983 Republican
Gerry Sikorski 1983-1993 Democratic
Vin Weber 1983-1993 Republican
Tim Penny 1983-1995 Democratic
James M. Ramstad 1991-2009 Republican
Collin Clark Peterson 1991-present Democratic
Rod Grams 1993-1995 Republican
David Minge 1993-2001 Democratic
Bill Luther 1995-2003 Democratic
Gilbert William Gutknecht 1995-2007 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Minnesota
Party Total
     Democratic 4
     Republican 7
Total Representatives 11
Representatives to the U.S. House from Minnesota
Representative Years Served Party
Mark Raymond Kennedy 2001-2003 Republican
Betty C. McCollum 2001-present Democratic
Mark Raymond Kennedy 2003-2007 Republican
John Paul Kline 2003-present Republican
Michele Bachmann 2007-2015 Republican
Keith Ellison 2007-present Democratic
Tim Walz 2007-present Democratic
Erik Paulsen 2009-present Republican
Chip Cravaack 2011-2013 Republican
Rick Nolan 2013-present Democratic
Tom Emmer 2015-present Republican


  1. For more information on the parameters the U.S. Census Bureau use, please see our Race and Ethnicity on the United States Census page.