United States congressional delegations from Tennessee

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This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Tennessee.

Current members

U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Tennessee are:

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Tennessee are:

Historical members

List of United States Senators from Tennessee

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee.

Historical Representation to the US Senate by Party from Tennessee
Party Total
     Democratic 37
     Republican 24
     Whig 5
Total Senators 66
Class 1 Senators from Tennessee
Senator Years Served Party
William Cocke 1796-1797 Republican
Andrew Jackson 1797-1798 Republican
Daniel Smith 1798-1799 Republican
Joseph Anderson 1799-1815 Republican
George W. Campbell 1815-1818 Republican
John H. Eaton 1818-1829 Republican
Felix Grundy 1829-1838 Democratic
Ephraim H. Foster 1838-1839 Whig
Felix Grundy 1839-1840 Democratic
Alfred O. P. Nicholson 1840-1842 Democratic
Ephraim H. Foster 1843-1845 Whig
Hopkins L. Turney 1845-1851 Democratic
James C. Jones 1851-1857 Whig
Andrew Johnson 1857-1862 Democratic
David T. Patterson 1866-1869 Democratic
William G. Brownlow 1869-1875 Republican
Andrew Johnson 1875-1875 Democratic
David M. Key 1875-1877 Democratic
James E. Bailey 1877-1881 Democratic
Howell E. Jackson 1881-1886 Democratic
Washington C. Whitthorne 1886-1887 Democratic
William B. Bate 1887-1905 Democratic
James B. Frazier 1905-1911 Democratic
Luke Lea 1911-1917 Democratic
Kenneth D. McKellar 1917-1953 Democratic
Albert A. Gore, Sr. 1953-1971 Democratic
William E. Brock III 1971-1977 Republican
James R. Sasser 1977-1995 Democratic
William H. Frist 1995-2007 Republican
Bob Corker 2007-Present Republican

Class 2 Senators from Tennessee
Senator Years Served Party
William Blount 1796-1797 Republican
Joseph Anderson 1797-1799 Republican
William Cocke 1799-1805 Republican
Daniel Smith 1805-1809 Republican
Jenkin Whiteside 1809-1811 Republican
George W. Campbell 1811-1814 Republican
Jesse Wharton 1814-1815 Republican
John Williams 1815-1823 Republican
Andrew Jackson 1823-1825 Republican
Hugh Lawson White 1825-1840 Whig
Alexander O. Anderson 1840-1841 Democratic
Spencer Jarnagin 1843-1847 Whig
John Bell 1847-1859 Whig
Alfred O. P. Nicholson 1859-1861 Democratic
Joseph S. Fowler 1866-1871 Republican
Henry Cooper 1871-1877 Democratic
Isham G. Harris 1877-1897 Democratic
Thomas B. Turley 1897-1901 Democratic
Edward W. Carmack 1901-1907 Democratic
Robert L. Taylor 1907-1912 Democratic
Newell Sanders 1912-1913 Republican
William R. Webb 1913-1913 Democratic
John K. Shields 1913-1925 Democratic
Lawrence D. Tyson 1925-1929 Democratic
William E. Brock 1929-1931 Democratic
Cordell Hull 1931-1933 Democratic
Nathan L. Bachman 1933-1937 Democratic
George L. Berry 1937-1938 Democratic
A. Thomas Stewart 1939-1949 Democratic
C. Estes Kefauver 1949-1963 Democratic
Herbert S. Walters 1963-1964 Democratic
Ross Bass 1964-1967 Democratic
Howard H. Baker, Jr. 1967-1985 Republican
Albert A. Gore, Jr. 1985-1993 Democratic
Harlan Mathews 1993-1994 Democratic
Fred Thompson 1994-2003 Republican
Lamar Alexander 2003-Present Republican

U.S. Senate delegation from Tennessee

List of United States Representatives from Tennessee

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Tennessee.