United States congressional delegations from Texas

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This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Texas.

Current members

U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Texas are:

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Texas are:

Historical members

List of United States Senators from Texas

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Texas
Party Total
     Democratic 27
     Republican 7
Total Senators 34
Class 1 Senators from Texas
Senators Years Served Party
J. Pinckney Henderson 1857-1858 Democratic
Matthias Ward 1858-1859 Democratic
Louis T. Wigfall 1859-1861 Democratic
James W. Flanagan 1870-1875 Republican
Samuel B. Maxey 1875-1887 Democratic
John H. Reagan 1887-1891 Democratic
Horace Chilton 1891-1892 Democratic
Roger Q. Mills 1892-1899 Democratic
Charles A. Culberson 1899-1923 Democratic
Earle B. Mayfield 1923-1929 Democratic
Thomas T. Connally 1929-1953 Democratic
M. Price Daniel 1953-1957 Democratic
William A. Blakley 1957-1957 Democratic
Ralph W. Yarborough 1957-1971 Democratic
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. 1971-1993 Democratic
Robert C. Krueger 1993-1993 Democratic
Kay Bailey Hutchison 1993-2013 Republican
Ted Cruz 2013-present Republican
Class 2 Senators from Texas
Senators Years Served Party
Samuel Houston 1846-1859 Democratic
John Hemphill 1859-1861 Democratic
Morgan C. Hamilton 1870-1877 Republican
Richard Coke 1877-1895 Democratic
Horace Chilton 1895-1901 Democratic
Joseph W. Bailey 1901-1913 Democratic
Rienzi M. Johnston 1913-1913 Democratic
Morris Sheppard 1913-1941 Democratic
Andrew Jackson Houston 1941-1941 Democratic
W. Lee O'Daniel 1941-1949 Democratic
Lyndon B. Johnson 1949-1961 Democratic
William A. Blakley 1961-1961 Democratic
John G. Tower 1961-1985 Republican
Phil Gramm 1985-2002 Republican
John Cornyn 2002-Present Republican

U.S. Senate delegation from Texas

List of United States Representatives from Texas

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Texas.

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