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{{State delegation infobox
{{State delegation infobox
|Image=Utah map.PNG
|Gender=49.7% Female, 50.3% Male
|Gender=49.7% Female, 50.3% Male

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Utah map.PNG
Gender49.7% Female, 50.3% Male
Race91.8% White, 1.3% Black, 2.2% Asian, 1.5% Native American[1]
Ethnicity13.3% Hispanic
Unemployment rate6.5%
Median household income$57,783
Voter registration statisticsN/A
2012 Voter turnout56.0%
2012 Pres results72.56% Romney, 24.67% Obama
Upcoming electionsU.S. House, 2016
This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Utah.

Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Utah.

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from Utah
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 0 0 0
     Republican Party 2 4 6
TOTALS as of April 2015 2 4 6

Current members


United States Congressional Delegations by State

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U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Utah are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 113th Congress.jpg
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Utah 2011January 3, 2017November 2016Link
Orrin Hatch
Orrin Hatch.jpg
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Utah 1977January 3, 2019November 2018Link

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Utah are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 2 2013January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Jason Chaffetz
Jason Chaffetz.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 3 2009January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Mia Love
Mia Love by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 4 2015January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Rob Bishop
Rob Bishop.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 1 2003January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link

Historical members


Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Utah
Party Total
     Democratic 5
     Republican 11
Total Senators 16
Class 1 Senators from Utah
Senator Years Served Party
Frank J. Cannon 1896-1899 Republican
Thomas Kearns 1901-1905 Republican
George Sutherland 1905-1917 Republican
William H. King 1917-1941 Democratic
O. Abram Murdock, Jr. 1941-1947 Democratic
Arthur V. Watkins 1947-1959 Republican
Frank E. Moss 1959-1977 Democratic
Orrin Hatch 1977-Present Republican
Class 3 Senators from Utah
Senator Years Served Party
Arthur Brown 1896-1897 Republican
Joseph L. Rawlins 1897-1903 Democratic
Reed Smoot 1903-1933 Republican
Elbert D. Thomas 1933-1951 Democratic
Wallace F. Bennett 1951-1974 Republican
E. J. Jake Garn 1974-1993 Republican
Robert Bennett 1993-2011 Republican
Mike Lee 2011-Present Republican


The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Utah.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Utah
Party Total
     Democratic 14
     Republican 19
Total Representatives 33
Representatives to the U.S. House from Utah
Representative Years Served Party
Clarence Emir Allen 1896–1897 Republican
William H. King 1897–1901 Democratic
Brigham Henry Roberts denied seat in 1898 Democratic
George Sutherland 1901–1903 Republican
Joseph Howell 1903–1917 Republican
Jacob Johnson 1913–1915 Republican
James Henry Mays 1915–1921 Democratic
Milton H. Welling 1917–1921 Democratic
Elmer O. Leatherwood 1921–1929 Republican
Don B. Colton 1921–1933 Republican
Frederick C. Loofbourow 1930–1933 Republican
Abe Murdock 1933–1941 Democratic
J. W. Robinson 1933–1947 Democratic
Walter K. Granger 1941–1953 Democratic
William A. Dawson 1947–1949,1953–1959 Republican
Reva Beck Bosone 1949–1953 Democratic
Douglas R. Stringfellow 1953–1955 Republican
Henry Aldous Dixon 1955–1961 Republican
David S. King 1959–1963,1965–1967 Democratic
M. Blaine Peterson 1961–1963 Democratic
Sherman P. Lloyd 1963–1965,1967–1973 Republican
Laurence J. Burton 1963–1971 Republican
K. Gunn McKay 1971–1981 Democratic
Wayne Owens 1973–1975,1987–1993 Democratic
Allan Turner Howe 1975–1977 Democratic
David Daniel Marriott 1977–1985 Republican
James V. Hansen 1981–2003 Republican
Howard C. Nielson 1983–1991 Republican
David Smith Monson 1985–1987 Republican
William Orton 1991–1997 Democratic
Karen Shepherd 1993–1995 Democratic
Enid Greene 1995–1997 Republican
Merrill Cook 1997–2001 Republican
Chris Cannon 1997–2009 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Utah
Party Total
     Democratic 1
     Republican 4
Total Representatives 5
Representatives to the U.S. House from Utah
Representative Years Served Party
Jim Matheson 2001-2015 Democratic
Rob Bishop 2003-Present Republican
Jason Chaffetz 2009-Present Republican
Chris Stewart 2013-Present Republican
Mia Love 2015-Present Republican

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