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This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Wisconsin]].
{{TOC maker|1=Current members|1.1=U.S. Senate|1.2=U.S. House|2=Historical members|2.1=Senate|2.2=House}}This page displays the historical members of [[U.S. Congress]] from [[Wisconsin]].
Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Wisconsin.
==Current members==
==Current members==
===U.S. Senate===
===U.S. Senate===
The current members of the [[U.S. Senate]] from [[Wisconsin]] are:
The current members of the [[U.S. Senate]] from [[Wisconsin]] are:
{{Congress members list by state|chamber=Senate|state=Wisconsin}}
===U.S. House===
===U.S. House===
The current members of the [[U.S. House]] from [[Wisconsin]] are:
The current members of the [[U.S. House]] from [[Wisconsin]] are:
{{Congress members list by state|chamber=House|state=Wisconsin}}
==Historical members==
==Historical members==
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{{Wisconsin congress}}
{{Wisconsin congress}}
[[Category:List of U.S. congressional members, Wisconsin]]
[[Category:List of U.S. congressional members, Wisconsin]]

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1 Current members
1.1 U.S. Senate
1.2 U.S. House
2 Historical members
2.1 Senate
2.2 House
This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Wisconsin.

Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Wisconsin.

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from Wisconsin
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 1 3 4
     Republican Party 1 5 6
TOTALS as of April 2015 2 8 10

Current members


United States Congressional Delegations by State

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U.S. Senate

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson.jpg
Republican PartyU.S. Senate, Wisconsin 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Tammy Baldwin
Tammy Baldwin.jpeg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Wisconsin 2013January 3, 2019November 2018Link

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Wisconsin are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Glenn Grothman
Republican PartyDistrict 6 2015January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Gwen Moore
Gwen Moore.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 4 2005January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Jim Sensenbrenner
Jim Sensenbrenner.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 5 1979January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Mark Pocan
Pocan mark.jpg
Democratic PartyDistrict 2 2013January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 1 1999January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Reid Ribble
Reid Ribble.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 8 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Ron Kind
Ron Kind.JPG
Democratic PartyDistrict 3 1997January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link
Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy.jpg
Republican PartyDistrict 7 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link

Historical members


Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Wisconsin
Party Total
     Democratic 10
     Republican 20
Total Senators 30
Class 1 Senators from Wisconsin
Senator Years Served Party
Henry Dodge 1848-1857 Democratic
James R. Doolittle 1857-1869 Republican
Matthew H. Carpenter 1869-1875 Republican
Angus Cameron 1875-1881 Republican
Philetus Sawyer 1881-1893 Republican
John L. Mitchell 1893-1899 Democratic
Joseph V. Quarles 1899-1905 Republican
Robert M. La Follette 1906-1925 Republican
Robert M. La Follette, Jr. 1925-1947 Republican
Joseph R. McCarthy 1947-1957 Republican
William Proxmire 1957-1989 Democratic
Herb Kohl 1989-2013 Democratic
Tammy Baldwin 2013-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from Wisconsin
Senator Years Served Party
Isaac P. Walker 1848-1855 Democratic
Charles Durkee 1855-1861 Republican
Timothy O. Howe 1861-1879 Republican
Matthew H. Carpenter 1879-1881 Republican
Angus Cameron 1881-1885 Republican
John Coit Spooner 1885-1891 Republican
William F. Vilas 1891-1897 Democratic
John Coit Spooner 1897-1907 Republican
Isaac Stephenson 1907-1915 Republican
Paul O. Husting 1915-1917 Democratic
Irvine L. Lenroot 1918-1927 Republican
John J. Blaine 1927-1933 Republican
F. Ryan Duffy 1933-1939 Democratic
Alexander Wiley 1939-1963 Republican
Gaylord A. Nelson 1963-1981 Democratic
Robert W. Kasten, Jr. 1981-1993 Republican
Russ Feingold 1993-2011 Democratic
Ron Johnson 2011-Present Republican


The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Wisconsin.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Wisconsin
Party Total
     Democratic 33
     Republican 34
     Laborite 1
     Whig 1
     Free Soiler 1
Total Representatives 70
Representatives to the U.S. House from Wisconsin
Representative Years Served Party
Mason Cook Darling 1848–1849 Democratic
William Pitt Lynde 1848–1849,1875–1879 Democratic
James Duane Doty 1849–1851,1851–1853 Democratic
Orsamus Cole 1849–1851 Whig
Charles Durkee 1849–1853 Free Soiler
Ben C. Eastman 1851–1855 Democratic
John B. Macy 1853–1855 Democratic
Daniel Wells, Jr. 1853–1857 Democratic
Charles Billinghurst 1855–1857 Republican
Cadwallader C. Washburn 1855–1861,1867–1871 Republican
John F. Potter 1857–1863 Republican
Charles H. Larrabee 1859–1861 Democratic
Luther Hanchett 1861–1862 Republican
A. Scott Sloan 1861–1863 Republican
James S. Brown 1863–1865 Democratic
Ezra Wheeler 1863–1865 Democratic
Walter D. McIndoe 1863–1867 Republican
Ithamar Sloan 1863–1867 Republican
Charles A. Eldredge 1863–1875 Democratic
Amasa Cobb 1863–1871 Republican
Halbert E. Paine 1865–1871 Republican
Philetus Sawyer 1865–1875 Republican
Benjamin F. Hopkins 1867–1870 Republican
David Atwood 1870–1871 Republican
J. Allen Barber 1871–1875 Republican
Alexander Mitchell 1871–1875 Demmocratic
Gerry Whiting Hazelton 1871–1875 Republican
Jeremiah McLain Rusk 1871–1877 Republican
Alexander S. McDill 1873–1875 Republican
Samuel D. Burchard 1875–1877 Democratic
Charles G. Williams 1873–1883 Republican
Alanson M. Kimball 1875–1877 Republican
Henry S. Magoon 1875–1877 Republican
Lucien B. Caswell 1875–1883,1885–1891 Republican
George W. Cate 1875–1877 Democratic
Gabriel Bouck 1877–1881 Democratic
Herman L. Humphrey 1877–1883 Republican
George Cochrane Hazelton 1877–1883 Republican
Thaddeus C. Pound 1877–1883 Republican
Edward S. Bragg 1877–1883,1885–1887 Democratic
Peter V. Deuster 1879–1885 Democratic
Richard W. Guenther 1881–1889 Republican
Gilbert M. Woodward 1883–1885 Democratic
Burr W. Jones 1883–1885 Democratic
Daniel H. Sumner 1883–1885 Democratic
John Winans 1883–1885 Democratic
William T. Price 1883–1886 Republican
Joseph Rankin 1883–1886 Democratic
Isaac Stephenson 1883–1889 Republican
Isaac W. Van Schaick 1885–1887, 1889–1891 Republican
Robert M. La Follette, Sr. 1885–1891 Republican
Ormsby B. Thomas 1885–1891 Republican
Thomas R. Hudd 1886–1889 Democratic
Hugh H. Price 1887 Republican
Henry Smith 1887–1889 Laborite
Charles B. Clark 1887–1891 Republican
Nils P. Haugen 1887–1895 Republican
Myron H. McCord 1889–1891 Republican
George H. Brickner 1889–1895 Democratic
Charles Barwig 1889–1895 Democratic
Clinton Babbitt 1891–1893 Democratic
Allen R. Bushnell 1891–1893 Democratic
Frank P. Coburn 1891–1893 Democratic
Lucas M. Miller 1891–1893 Democratic
John L. Mitchell 1891–1893 Democratic
Thomas Lynch 1891–1895 Democratic
George B. Shaw 1893–1894 Republican
Lyman E. Barnes 1893–1895 Democratic
Peter J. Somers 1893–1895 Democratic
Owen A. Wells 1893–1895 Democratic
Joseph W. Babcock 1893–1907 Republican
Henry A. Cooper 1893–1919,1821–1931 Republican
Michael Griffin 1894–1899 Republican
Samuel A. Cook 1895–1897 Republican
Edward Sauerhering 1895–1899 Republican
Alexander Stewart 1895–1901 Republican
Samuel S. Barney 1895–1903 Republican
Edward S. Minor 1895–1907 Republican
Theobald Otjen 1895–1907 Republican
John J. Jenkins 1895–1909 Republican
James H. Davidson 1897–1913,1917–1918 Republican
Herman B. Dahle 1899–1903 Republican
John J. Esch 1899–1921 Republican

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Wisconsin
Party Total
     Democratic 34
     Republican 58
Total Representatives 92
Representatives to the U.S. House in Wisconsin 1900s
Representatives to the U.S. House from Wisconsin
Representative Years Served Party
Henry Cullen Adams 1903–1906 Republican
Webster E. Brown 1901–1907 Republican
Charles H. Weisse 1903–1911 Democratic
William H. Stafford 1903–1911,1913–1919,1921–1923, 1929–1933 Republican
John M. Nelson 1906–1919,1921–1933 Republican
James William Murphy 1907–1909 Democratic
Gustav Küstermann 1907–1911 Republican
Elmer A. Morse 1907–1913 Republican
William J. Cary 1907–1919 Republican
Arthur W. Kopp 1909–1913 Republican
Irvine Lenroot 1909–1918 Republican
Victor L. Berger 1911–1913,1923–1929 Democratic (Socialist)
Michael E. Burke 1911–1917 Democratic
Thomas F. Konop 1911–1917 Democratic
Michael Reilly 1913–1917, 1930–1939 Democratic
Edward E. Browne 1913–1931 Republican
James A. Frear 1913–1935 Republican
David G. Classon 1917–1923 Republican
Edward Voigt 1917–1927 Republican
Adolphus P. Nelson 1918–1923 Republican
Florian Lampert 1918–1930 Republican
James G. Monahan 1919–1921 Republican
Clifford E. Randall 1919–1921 Republican
John C. Kleczka 1919–1923 Republican
Joseph D. Beck 1921–1929 Republican
George J. Schneider 1923–1933,1935–1939 Republican
John C. Schafer 1923–1933,1939–1941 Republican
Hubert H. Peavey 1923–1935 Republican
Charles A. Kading 1927–1933 Republican
Merlin Hull 1929–1931,1935–1947,1947–1953 Republican
Thomas Ryum Amlie 1931–1933, 1935-1939 Republican
Gerald J. Boileau 1931–1935, 1936–1939 Republican
Gardner R. Withrow, 1931–1935,1935–1939,1949–1961 Republican
Charles W. Henney 1933–1935 Democratic
James F. Hughes 1933–1935 Democratic
George W. Blanchard 1933–1935 Republican
Raymond Joseph Cannon 1933–1939 Democratic
Thomas O'Malley 1933–1939 Democratic
Harry Sauthoff 1935–1939,1941–1945 Democratic
Bernard J. Gehrmann 1935–1943 Democratic
Harry W. Griswold 1939 Republican
Stephen Bolles 1939–1941 Republican
Charles Hawks, Jr. 1939–1941 Republican
Joshua L. Johns 1939–1943 Republican
Lewis D. Thill 1939–1943 Republican
Frank Bateman Keefe 1939–1951 Republican
Reid F. Murray 1939–1952 Republican
Thaddeus Wasielewski 1941–1947 Democratic
William H. Stevenson 1941–1949 Republican
Lawrence H. Smith 1941–1958 Republican
LaVern R. Dilweg 1943–1945 Democratic
Howard J. McMurray 1943–1945 Democratic
Alvin O'Konski 1943–1973 Republican
Robert K. Henry 1945–1946 Republican
John W. Byrnes 1945–1973 Republican
Andrew Biemiller 1945–1947, 1949–1951 Democratic
John C. Brophy 1947–1949 Republican
Charles J. Kersten 1947–1949,1951–1955 Republican
Glenn Robert Davis 1947–1957,1965–1974 Republican
Clement J. Zablocki 1949–1983 Democratic
William Van Pelt 1951–1965 Republican
Lester Johnson 1953–1965 Democratic
Melvin R. Laird 1953–1969 Republican
Henry S. Reuss 1955–1983 Democratic
Donald Edgar Tewes 1957–1959 Republican
Gerald T. Flynn 1959–1961 Democratic
Robert Kastenmeier 1959–1991 Democratic
Henry C. Schadeberg 1961–1965,1967–1971 Republican
Vernon Wallace Thomson 1961–1974 Republican
John Abner Race 1965–1967 Democratic
Lynn E. Stalbaum 1965–1967 Democratic
William A. Steiger 1967–1978 Republican
Dave Obey 1969–2011 Democratic
Les Aspin 1971–1993 Democratic
Harold Vernon Froehlich 1973–1975 Republican
Robert John Cornell 1975–1979 Democratic
Bob Kasten 1975–1979 Republican
Alvin Baldus 1975–1981 Democratic
Toby Roth 1979–1997 Republican
Tom Petri 1979–2015 Republican
Steve Gunderson 1981–1997 Republican
Jim Moody 1983–1993 Democratic
Jerry Kleczka 1984–2005 Democratic
Scott L. Klug 1991–1999 Republican
Peter W. Barca 1993–1995 Democratic
Tom Barrett 1993–2003 Democratic
Mark Neumann 1995–1999 Republican
Jay W. Johnson 1997–1999 Democratic
Mark Green 1999-2007 Republican
Tammy Baldwin 1999-2013 Democratic
Paul Ryan 1999-present Republican
Ron Kind 1997-present Democratic
Jim Sensenbrenner 1979-present Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Wisconsin
Party Total
     Democratic 3
     Republican 3
Total Representatives 6
Representatives to the U.S. House from Wisconsin
Representative Years Served Party
Steve Kagen 2007-2011 Democratic
Mark Pocan 2013-present Democratic
Gwen Moore 2005-present Democratic
Sean Duffy 2011-present Republican
Reid Ribble 2011-present Republican
Glenn Grothman 2015-present Republican