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::Jose Daniel Cisneros, 15, is shot to death by an unidentified gunman on the athletic field at [[Salinas Union High School District, California|Alisai High School]]. The shooting was said to be gang-related by authorities.<ref>[ Nancy Bishop, '','' "School Shootings and Mass Murders in the United States: Part Three of a Series," September 23, 2012]</ref>
::Jose Daniel Cisneros, 15, is shot to death by an unidentified gunman on the athletic field at [[Salinas Union High School District, California|Alisai High School]]. The shooting was said to be gang-related by authorities.<ref>[ Nancy Bishop, '','' "School Shootings and Mass Murders in the United States: Part Three of a Series," September 23, 2012]</ref>
* '''October 8, 2010''' in [[Carlsbad, California]].  
* '''October 8, 2010''' in [[Carlsbad, California]].  
::Brendan Liam O'Rourke, 41, arrived at a crowded playground at [[Carlsbad Unified School District, California|Kelly Elementary School]] where he proceeded to open fire. There were no fatalities, but he wounded two girls. O'Rourke was sentenced to life in prison.<ref>[ Associated Press, ''Huffington Post'', "Carlsbad School Shooting: Brendan O'Rourke Sane, Jury Says," March 16, 2012]</ref>
::Brendan Liam O'Rourke, 41, arrived at a crowded playground at [[Carlsbad Unified School District, California|Kelly Elementary School]] where he proceeded to open fire. There were no fatalities, but he wounded two girls. O'Rourke was sentenced to life in prison.<ref>[ Associated Press, ''Huffington Post'', "Carlsbad School Shooting: Brendan O'Rourke Sane, Jury Says," accessed March 16, 2012]</ref>
* '''February 2, 2011''' in [[Placerville, California]].  
* '''February 2, 2011''' in [[Placerville, California]].  
::John Luebbers, 44, shot and killed the principal at [[Placerville Union Elementary School District, California|Schnell Elementary School]]. According to police, Luebbers was a custodian who was enraged after a disagreement with Sam LaCara, the school's principal. No children were injured, though one child was present at the time of the attack.<ref>[ Judy Lin, ''Huffington Post'', "John Luebbers, School Janitor, Kills Louisiana Schnell Elementary Principal Sam LaCara," February 3, 2011]</ref>
::John Luebbers, 44, shot and killed the principal at [[Placerville Union Elementary School District, California|Schnell Elementary School]]. According to police, Luebbers was a custodian who was enraged after a disagreement with Sam LaCara, the school's principal. No children were injured, though one child was present at the time of the attack.<ref>[ Judy Lin, ''Huffington Post'', "John Luebbers, School Janitor, Kills Louisiana Schnell Elementary Principal Sam LaCara," February 3, 2011]</ref>

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United States school shootings, 1990-present

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School shootings overview
School shootings by region
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This page gives an overview of U.S. school shootings that have taken place since 1990. The information represents shootings that have occurred in K-12 schools and does not detail college or university shootings. The table and regional list below includes incidents where a person deliberately shot himself or herself in a suicide or suicide attempt.

Quick facts

The breakdown of regional gun violence in K-12 schools is as follows:

  • Midwest: 27 incidents of gun violence, which resulted in 26 fatalities and 35 injuries
Deadliest incident: Red Lake High School massacre on March 21, 2005, where 16-year old Jeffrey Weise killed five fellow students, one teacher and a security guard before killing himself.
  • Northeast: 11 incidents of gun violence, which resulted in 39 fatalities and 27 injuries
Deadliest incident: Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on December 14, 2012, where 20-year old Adam Lanza gunned down 20 young children and 6 adults before taking his own life.
  • South: 43 incidents of gun violence, which resulted in 35 fatalities and 72 injuries
Deadliest incident: Westside Middle School massacre on March 24, 1998, where 11-year old Andrew Golden and 13-year old MItchell Johnson killed five fellow students and injured ten others.
  • West: 36 incidents of gun violence, which resulted in 45 fatalities and 104 injuries
Deadliest incident: Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999, where 18-year old Eric Harris and 17-year old Dylan Klebold killed twelve students and one teacher, before turning the guns on themselves.

School shootings overview

State Number of incidents Injuries Fatalities
Alabama 2 2 0
Alaska 2 3 2
Arizona 0 0 0
Arkansas 2 12 5
California 14 40 11
Colorado 5 24 19
Connecticut 1 11 28
Delaware 0 0 0
Florida 7 3 6
Georgia 6 11 2
Hawaii 2 3 0
Idaho 0 0 0
Illinois 4 7 0
Indiana 2 1 1
Iowa 1 1 0
Kansas 0 0 0
Kentucky 2 5 5
Louisiana 2 2 1
Maine 1 0 1
Maryland 3 6 0
Massachusetts 0 0 0
Michigan 7 13 3
Minnesota 2 5 12
Mississippi 1 7 3
Missouri 2 0 1
Montana 0 0 0
Nebraska 1 2 2
Nevada 2 4 2
New Hampshire 0 0 0
New Jersey 0 0 0
New Mexico 1 2 1
New York 2 3 0
North Carolina 3 4 0
North Dakota 1 1 0
Ohio 5 12 5
Oklahoma 3 5 2
Oregon 4 26 4
Pennsylvania 6 13 9
Rhode Island 0 0 0
South Carolina 1 1 2
South Dakota 0 0 0
Tennessee 6 6 5
Texas 4 6 3
Utah 0 0 0
Vermont 1 0 1
Virginia 1 2 1
Washington 7 4 6
West Virginia 0 0 0
Wisconsin 2 0 2
Wyoming 0 0 0
Total 117 248 144

School shootings.png

School shooting fatalities.png

School shootings by region

There are no recorded school shootings in Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming from 1990 to the present.



Two teens got into a fist fight at Harlan Community Academy High School when one of the boys took out a pistol and shot the other in the foot. The student, 15, was the only one injured in the incident.[1]
Following a basketball game at Dunbar High School, Georgio Dukes, 18, pulled up in his car and unleashed gunfire. Five people were wounded in the attack.[2]
A 14-year old student at Normal High School fired multiple shots at the ceiling before being tackled by a teacher. No one was injured in the incident.[3]
After an altercation in the parking lot of Rebound High School, a student pulled a gun and shot another student. The student's injuries were not fatal, however potentially life-threatening. The primary suspect is Omari A. Tinsley, 18.[4]


Donald R. Burt Jr., 17, a former student at Lew Wallace High School, entered the school and shot a 16-year old student before school let out for the day. The student was fatally wounded.[5]
Michael Phelps, a teen student who had been suspended from Martinsville West Middle School, reentered the school and fired two shots at a fellow student. The student's wounds were not fatal.[6]


Following a basketball game at North High School, gunfire erupted in the parking lot. One female student was injured in the incident.[7]


A science teacher at Chelsea High School, Steven Leith, left a staff meeting and returned with a gun, fatally shooting the superintendent and injuring the school's principal and another teacher. The meeting was in regards to Leith making inappropriate comments about a female student. He was convicted of murder in the first degree.[8]
Dedrick Owens, 6, shot and fatally wounded a fellow student in the stairwell at Buell Elementary School while the students were told to line up. He proceeded to throw the gun into a garbage can and flee into a nearby restroom. The incident is the youngest case of school gun violence. Because of his age and inability to articulate his intent, Owens was never charged for the murder.[9]
William Morton, 15, killed one and injured three others in a drive-by shooting at Henry Ford High School. The shooting was believed to be an act of retaliation.[10]
On the first day of school, Steven Jamal Hare, 17, shot and injured two students at Mumford High School. Hare was charged with intent to kill and currently serving a 27-year prison sentence.[11]
Two students, Trevon Neal and Demetrius Anthony Davis Jr., both 17, were arrested after shooting a student during a basketball game at Northern High School. The student's injuries were not life-threatening.[12]
A teen was shot after a basketball game at Osborn High School. He was hospitalized in serious condition.[13]
Tyler Nichols, 13, shot and killed himself in the bathroom of Davidson Middle School.[14]


  • September 24, 2003 in Cold Spring, Minnesota.
John Jason McLaughlin, 15, shot and killed two fellow students at Rocori High School. He was sentenced to life in prison.[15]
  • March 21, 2005 in Red Lake, Minnesota.
Jeffrey Weise, 16, killed his grandfather and another adult at Red Lake Indian Reservation before entering Red Lake High School and killing five students, a teacher and a security guard. Five other people were wounded in the massacre. He then committed suicide.[16]


  • February 7, 2014 in Gladstone, Missouri.
Linden West Elementary School was locked down after a gunman fired shots in the area. Following the shooting, the suspect engaged in a stand-off with police until 6 p.m. No one was harmed in the incident.[17]
  • February 20, 2014 in Raytown, Missouri.
A man was fatally shot in the parking lot outside Raytown School Success Academy. The victim didn't have any apparent connection to the school or the district.[18]


Robert Butler Jr., 18, shot and killed the assistant principal at Millard High School before driving to a parking lot and shooting himself. Butler had received a 19-day suspension from the assistant principal. Two others, the principal and school nurse, were injured in the attack.[19]

North Dakota

  • October 12, 2012 in Fairmount, North Dakota.
A freshman at Fairmount Public School District, North Dakota attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head in front of his class. He apparently handed a note to his girlfriend, said, "I'm sorry," and then pulled the trigger. He was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries to his face.[20]


Keith Ledeger, 37, shot and killed a custodian at Wickliffe Middle School, where Ledeger had been a student. Four other adults were wounded in the attack.[21]
Fourteen-year old Asa Coon, having been suspended from SuccessTech Academy, "walked down the hallway, cussing and firing shots." He injured two students and two teachers before turning the gun on himself.[22]
Thomas "T. J." Lane, 17, entered Chardon High School where he started a rampage, killing three students and injuring another three. He received a life sentence without the possibility of parole.[23]
A student at LaSalle High School attempted suicide by shooting himself in front of his classmates. He survived.[24]
Five shots were fired outside Charles F. Brush High School during a basketball game. No one was injured in the incident.[25]


  • September 29, 2006 in Cazenovia, Wisconsin.
Eric Hainstock, 15, entered Weston High School and shot and killed the principal. The incident came after the principal gave him a warning for having tobacco. No one else was injured.[26]
Samuel Hengel, 15, held a classroom of students and a teacher hostage at Marinette High School for five hours before shooting himself. No one else was wounded in the incident.[27]


  • December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut.
Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother at home and then proceeded into Sandy Hook Elementary School where he gunned down 20 students, who were all between the ages of 6 and 7. He also killed six adults, including the school's principal. All of the victims were shot between 3 and 11 times. Two other students were injured. After his rampage, Lanza shot himself and committed suicide. The massacre was one of the deadliest in United States history.[28]


  • September 28, 2013 in Gray, Maine.
Gaige McGue, 19, committed suicide during the homecoming dance in the parking lot at Gray-New Gloucester High School. McGue was never a student at the school.[29]

New York

  • January 15, 2002 in New York City, New York.
Vincent Rodriguez, 17, entered Martin Luther King Jr. High School, shot and killed two students. Both students were hospitalized in serious condition.[30]
Jon W. Romano, 16, opened fire at Columbia High School wounding one teacher.[31]


Andrew Wurst, 14, entered an 8th grade graduation dance at Parker Middle School where he shot and killed a teacher. Two students and one teacher were also wounded in the attack.[32]
  • April 24, 2003 in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.
James Sheets, 14, shot and killed the principal of Red Lion Area Junior High School before turning the gun on himself. The gun he used was registered to Sheets' stepfather.[33]
  • October 2, 2006 in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania.
Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, drove into the one-room West Nickel Mines School and killed five school-age girls before turning the gun on himself. The ages of his victims ranged from 6 to 13.[34]
Anjohnito "A.J." Willet Jr., 16, opened fire on three students as school let out for the day at Brashear High School. The shooting was believed to be drug-related.[35]
Raisheem Rochwell, 17, shot and injured two students at Delaware Valley Charter School. Another former student, Donte Walker, is charged with providing the gun to Rochwell.[36]
A man sustained non-life threatening injuries after being shot outside William Penn Senior High School. The school briefly went into lockdown as a result of the incident. The suspect is still at-large.[37]


Christopher Williams shot and killed his mother and proceeded to Essex Elementary School where gunned down a teacher. School was not in session that day.[38]


Hammad Memon, 14, shot a fellow student to death during a passing period at Discovery Middle School. Memon received a 30-year prison sentence.[39]


  • December 15, 1997 in Stamps, Arkansas.
Joseph “Colt” Todd, 14, shot and wounded two students at Stamps High School while hiding in a wooded area near the school. The injuries were not life-threatening.[40]
Andrew Golden, 11, and Mitchell Johnson, 13, fired thirty rounds of shots at Westside Middle School students and faculty as they emptied during a fire alarm intentionally set off by Golden. They killed four students and one teacher and injured ten during the massacre.[41]


Tronneal Magnum, 14, shot and killed a fellow student at Conniston Middle School. The two were reportedly arguing over a wristwatch.[42]
Nathaniel Brazill, 13, fatally shot his Lake Worth Middle School teacher after he was sent home for throwing water balloons. Brazill fired a single shot hitting the teacher in the face.[43]
Teah Wimberly, 15, fatally shot a fellow student to death during a passing period at Dillard High School. Wimberly apparently really liked the victim, "but the victim wanted to have nothing to do with her."[44]
Fired Spanish teacher Shane Schumerth, 28, shot and killed the head of Episcopal School of Jacksonville. The shooter had reportedly been struggling with depression.[45]
A 27-year old man was shot and killed at Apostolic Revival Center Christian School while dropping off his children.[46] Numerous reports indicate it may have been a retaliation killing.
Two men who worked as custodians at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School were shot dead. The man suspected of the killing who had a troubled past, Javier Burgos, is at-large.[47]
  • October 4, 2013 in Pine Hills, Florida.
Two teenage boys at Agape Christian Academy were injured by a shooter who fled away in a car with several other boys. The shooter has not been caught.[48]
J'Morian Eddie Patrick Bell, 17, shot and injured one student outside West Orange High School. He was the only student injured and police believe it to be an isolated incident.[49]
An elementary school teacher was shot and killed behind The Academy of Knowledge Preschool. Police believe the incident stemmed from an argument the teacher had with an unidentified man near the preschool. The suspect remains at-large.[50]


  • May 20, 1999 in Conyers, Georgia.
Thomas "T.J." Solomon Jr., 15, entered Heritage High School and shot and injured six of his fellow students. Initially Solomon was sentenced to 40 years in prison, but has a tentative parole date of May 2014. This was the first "copycat" incident after the Columbine Shootings in 1999.[51]
A Banks County High School student, 16, committed suicide by gunshot in the school's bathroom.[52]
A 15-year old student at Price Middle School shot and injured a fellow classmate. There is speculation that the shooting could have been gang-related.[53]
Michael Brandon Hill, 20, allegedly entered Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy and fired six shots outside the school office. He barricaded himself after on-site police returned fire. School clerk Antoinette Tuft was able to talk the shooter into dropping his weapon and surrendering. No one was injured.[54]
  • November 3, 2013 in Lithonia, Georgia.
A football player at Stephenson High School was shot in the abdomen. The incident apparently involved a dispute between team members and another group of non-students.[55]
A 16-year old student at Albany High School was shot in the arm near campus after school had ended for the day. The investigation has resulted in the arrest of two adults with several other adult and juvenile charges pending.[56]
  • January 27, 2014 in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
Kevin Jean Emanuel, 21, was arrested and charged with killing one person and injuring two others on the lunch hour at Phoenix High School. Both the gunman and the man killed were former Phoenix students, while the two injured are current students.[57]


  • January 18, 1993 in Grayson, Kentucky.
Gary Scott Pennington, 17, fatally shot his East Carter High School teacher after she refused to change a grade. A social studies teacher and the head custodian entered the classroom to investigate when Pennington shot and killed the head custodian. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.[58]
  • December 1, 1997 in West Paducah, Kentucky.
Michael Carneal, 14, opened fire at Heath High School on a group of praying students. Three female students were killed and five other students injured. It was suspected that Carneal had been bullied. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.[59]


Two eighth grade students at Carter G. Woodson Middle School shot and injured each other with the same gun. One of the boys shot the other, only to have that boy take the gun and shoot him back.[60]
  • May 18, 2009 in Larose, Louisiana.
Justin Doucet, 15, left to go to the restroom during class at Lafourche Parish Public Schools, Louisiana and walked into a neighboring classroom where he shot at the teacher after she refused to "hail Marilyn Manson." The shot missed her, at which point he walked into a nearby bathroom and committed suicide by shooting himself under the chin.[61]


A student at Benjamin Tasker Middle School was the victim of a sniper attack when he was shot in the chest after exiting his aunt's car for school in the morning. The incident would become part of the Beltway sniper attacks.[62]
  • May 7, 2004 in Randallstown, Maryland.
Four students were injured when Matthew McCullough, 17, unleashed gunfire at Randallstown High School. One of the students was partially paralyzed as a result. McCollough received a 100-year prison sentence.[63]
  • August 27, 2012 in Perry Hall, Maryland.
Robert Gladden, 15, took a shotgun into Perry Hall High School and fired two shots into the school's cafeteria. One student was injured. Gladden received a 35-year prison sentence for the attack.[64]


  • October 1, 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi.
After stabbing his mother at home, student Luke Woodham, 16, drove to Pearl High School and started a shooting spree. He killed two students and wounded another seven people. He was subdued by an assistant principal who had a handgun in his car.[65]
  • August 23, 2013 in Sardis, Mississippi.
After a football game at North Panola High School, a student was shot and killed, leaving two other students injured. Three people were arrested for the shooting.[66]

North Carolina

  • August 30, 2006 in Hillsborough, North Carolina.
After killing his father at home, Alvaro Castillo, 18, shot and wounded two students at Orange High School. He had reportedly been obsessed with the Columbine massacre that happened seven years earlier. Castillo was sentenced to life in prison without parole.[67]
  • October 24, 2011 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Charles Underwood, 15, shot and wounded one student at Cape Fear High School. Underwood was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.[68]
Christopher Lamont Richardson, 18, shot a fellow student, 15, at Carver High School. The student's injuries were not life-threatening.[69]
  • February 10, 2014 in Salisbury, North Carolina.
An argument that started in the gymnasium of Salisbury High School ended in a shooting just outside the campus. A 17-year old male shot and wounded a 16-year old student in the stomach. The student's injuries were not fatal.[70]


A 14-year old freshman at Douglass High School shot and killed a fellow student. Reports state it was a result of a personal disagreement between the two.[71]
Seth Trickey, 13, brought a gun to Fort Gibson Middle School where he shot and injured five of his classmates. The shooter, an honor student, attributed his outburst to stress over maintaining good grades.[72]
Cade Poulos, 13, a student at Stillwater Junior High School, shot and killed himself before classes started for the day.[73]

South Carolina

  • October 12, 1995 in Blackville, South Carolina.
Blackville-Hilda High School student Anthony Sincino, 16, shot and killed one teacher, wounded one student, and then turned the gun on himself.[74]


James Rouse, 17, shot and killed a teacher and a student, wounding another teacher at Richland High School. Rouse was reportedly upset over bad grades. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.[75]
Jacob Davis, 18, shot and killed a fellow student in the parking lot of Lincoln County High School. The dispute was reportedly over a girl they had both dated.[76]
Kenneth Bartley, 15, shot and killed the principal at Campbell County High School. He then shot and injured two assistant principals. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the crimes.[77]
A Hamilton High School student shot another student inside a classroom. The victim's injuries weren't life-threatening.[78]
Corneilous Cheers, 17, shot and injured a fellow student at Mitchell High School after the two had gotten into a dispute.[79]
Two students were shot and injured outside Hamilton High School in what was believed to be a gang-related incident.[80]


Jeremy Wade Delle, 16, shot and killed himself in front of his English class at Richardson High School. The incident was inspiration for Pearl Jam's song, Jeremy.[81]
In what was believed to be a gang retaliation, multiple gunmen opened fire at Worthing High School. One person was killed, and five others were injured.[82]
Warren Lewis, 18, shot and injured a fellow student at North Forest High School. Defense attorneys said the boy acted in self defense after being bullied.[83]
A student took his own life by gunshot in front of other students at Lanier High School. The student had made a post on Facebook hours earlier about his plan.[84]


A teacher and a school volunteer were shot and injured by a student at Armstrong High School. Neither injury was life-threatening.[85]


Evan Ramsey, 16, shot and killed the school’s principal and one student, and wounded two other students at Bethel Regional High School. He was sentenced to 210 years in prison on December 2, 1998, which was later reduced on appeal to two 99-year prison sentences.[86]
A 12-year old boy was arrested at Ambler School after shooting a fellow student in the leg with a BB gun. Police say the girl hid behind a door, which prevented another shot from hitting her in the face.[87]


A teenager fired a handgun at a security guard who had been chasing him and three friends off the property of Ralph J. Bunche Middle School. However instead of hitting the security guard, the bullet struck and killed 11-year-old bystander, Alejandro Vargas.[88]
  • May 1, 1992 in Olivehurst, California.
Eric Houston, 20, shot and killed three students and one teacher, wounding ten others in an armed seige at Lindhurst High School. According to prosecutors, Houston was seeking retribution for a failing grade. He was sentenced to death on September 17, 1993.[89]
Douglas Bradley, 16, drove past the basketball court at Mid-Peninsula High School and began throwing money to attract the attention of his fellow students. He then shot a 14-year old boy in the leg and sprayed bullets into a nearby classroom. Soon after, he turned the handgun on himself and committed suicide.[90]
An unknown gunman shot and killed two girls outside Lynwood High School. The incident was thought to be gang-related.[91]
Charles Andrew Williams, 15, entered a Santee High School classroom and opened fire, killing two and injuring 13 students. He is currently serving a 50 years to life sentence.[92]
Jason Hoffman, 18, shot and wounded three students and two teachers at Granite Hills High School before being shot himself by a campus police officer. Hoffman later committed suicide in prison by making a noose from bedsheets.[93]
Brandon McInerney, 17, shot and killed 15-year-old Larry King in the computer lab of Green Junior High School. Because King was gay, the incident was initially deemed a hate crime. However, in 2011, the prosecution dropped that allegation and McInerney was tried as an adult.[94] The case inspired the 2013 documentary, Valentine Road.[95]
A juvenile exited his car and opened fire on the first day of summer school classes at the International Studies Academy. Three students were injured in the incident, which was believed to be gang-related.[96]
Jose Daniel Cisneros, 15, is shot to death by an unidentified gunman on the athletic field at Alisai High School. The shooting was said to be gang-related by authorities.[97]
Brendan Liam O'Rourke, 41, arrived at a crowded playground at Kelly Elementary School where he proceeded to open fire. There were no fatalities, but he wounded two girls. O'Rourke was sentenced to life in prison.[98]
John Luebbers, 44, shot and killed the principal at Schnell Elementary School. According to police, Luebbers was a custodian who was enraged after a disagreement with Sam LaCara, the school's principal. No children were injured, though one child was present at the time of the attack.[99]
Bryan Oliver, 16, walked into a Taft Union High School classroom and shot two students who are believed to have bullied him. One suffered a critical chest wound and the other was not directly hit. The classroom teacher, Ryan Heber, was able to persuade Oliver to drop his weapon.[100]
Four teens entered Edison High School and shot an athletic trainer several times in the leg and stomach. His wounds were not life-threatening, and the teens were later arrested. The incident was believed to be a gang initiation process.[101]
A gunman opened fire near Reseda Elementary School before being taken into custody. One officer was injured in the attack and taken to a nearby hospital.[102]


In one of the bloodiest and most publicized cases of school violence, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, killed twelve students and one teacher at Columbine High School. They made home videos before the attacks detailing their intentions and apologizing to their parents. They committed suicide in the library after opening fire in the school library. The case remains one of the most deadly in U.S. history.[103]
Duane Roger Morrison, 53, entered Platte Canyon High School and took six female students hostage. He sexually assaulted them, before killing one of the hostages and himself.[104]
Gunman Bruco Eastwood, who had a history of untreated schizophrenia, opened fire in the Deer Creek Middle School parking lot. He shot and wounded two eighth grade students. In October 2011, Eastwood was found not guilty by reason of insanity.[105]
Luis Enrique Guzman-Rincon, 20, shot and wounded a 17-year old female student outside Aurora Central High School. She was left partially paralyzed, and the incident was ruled gang-related. Guzman-Rincon was sentenced to 35 years in prison.[106]
Karl Pierson, 18, entered Arapahoe High School and shot a 17-year old female student. After killing her, he committed suicide by shooting himself. Police also found two Molotov cocktails in the school.[107]


  • May 23, 2011 in Pearl City, Hawaii.
A student at Highlands Intermediate School suffered minor injuries after being shot by a fellow student. The student was allegedly playing with the Glock 45-caliber, semi-automatic pistol when it discharged. The student was later expelled.[108]
A 17-year old student at President Theodore Roosevelt High School attacked three officers after they were attempting to remove him as a runaway. An officer shot the student in the wrist after the student stabbed one of the officers with a kitchen knife.[109]


James Schoot Newman, 14, shot and injured two eighth grade classmates at Pine Middle School. Newman was sentenced to house arrest and 200 hours of community service.[110]
Jose Reyes, 12, opened fire on the basketball court of Sparks Middle School. A teacher tried to intervene and was shot and killed. Reyes then turned the gun on himself. There were two other male students injured in the incident.[111]

New Mexico

  • November 19, 1999 in Deming, New Mexico.
Victor Cordova Jr., 13, dressed in camouflage and shot a fellow student in the lobby of Deming Middle School. It was the only shot fired and there were no other injuries.[112]
Mason Campbell, 12, shot three rounds at Berrendo Middle School with a sawed-off shotgun. Two students were wounded in the incident. There are reports that the student warned "select students" about the attack when he arrived at school that day.[113]


Kip Kinkel, 15, killed his parents and drove to Thurston High School where he opened fire in the hallway and cafeteria. He killed two students and injured 25. When he stopped to reload his gun, two students tackled Kinkel. He was sentenced to 111 years in prison without the possibility of parole.[114]
Vincent Wayne Leodoro, 14, shot a fellow student four times in the back in the courtyard of Roseburg High School. The student survived. Leodoro then walked to a nearby restaurant and threatened suicide. He later surrendered to police.[115]
An 18-year old male student committed suicide by gunshot to the head in the parking lot of Crook County High School.[116]
A student at Bend High School fatally shot himself in a modular classroom. No one else was injured in the incident.[117]


Darrell Cloud, 24, shot and killed a former teacher at Whitman Middle School who had assaulted the gunman since he was 13. Cloud served nine years in prison, but later received a $250,000 settlement against Seattle Schools.[118]
An armed student, 15, shot and wounded two students at Garfield High School.[119]
Barry Loukaitis, 14, entered Frontier Middle School and shot a teacher and two students to death. Another student was wounded in the arm. Loukaitis is currently serving life in prison.[120]
Douglas Chanthabouly, 18, shot and killed a fellow student at Henry Foss High School. The three shots used to fatally wound the student were the only shots fired.[121]
Omero Mendez, 26, was sitting in the parking lot of Lakota Middle School waiting to pick up a student when he was confronted by Luis F. Cosgaya-Alvarez, 16. Mendez was flashed gang signs and shot by Cosgaya-Alvarez. Mendez died of his injuries and Cosgaya-Alvarez was sentenced to 18 years in prison.[122]
An Armin Jahr Elementary School student, 8, was accidentally shot when a fellow student dropped his backpack that contained a gun he had brought to school. The shot hit the student in the stomach, but her injuries were not fatal.[123]

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