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The University of Texas System Board of Regents is the governing body for the University of Texas System. Regents serve six-year terms and are appointed by the Governor with confirmation of the State Senate. There is also a student regent who serves a one-year term.[1]

There are nine universities and six health institutions that are part of the University of Texas System. The Board meets regularly in February, May, July, August, November and December.[2]

The mission of the Office of the Board of Regents is "to serve the members of the Board and provide the information and support such that each Regent's governance of The University of Texas System is based upon an informed judgment."[3]

Current members

There are nine regents that compose the Texas Board of Regents.[1]

University of Texas System Board of Regents
Regent Appointed Term End Date
Eugene Powell Vice Chairman 2009 February 1, 2015
Steven Hicks Vice Chairman 2009 February 1, 2015
Robert Stillwell 2009 February 1, 2015
Wallace Hall 2011 February 1, 2017
Brenda Pejovich 2010 February 1, 2017
Alex Cranberg 2009 February 1, 2017
Paul Foster Chairman 2007 February 1, 2019
Ernest Aliseda 2013 February 1, 2019
Jeffery Hildebrand 2013 February 1, 2019

University of Texas investigations

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University of Texas Investigations

Wallace Hall impeachment trialPolitical favoritism in admissions to the University of TexasForgivable loans program at the University of Texas Law School House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations (TSAO)Joint Committee on Oversight of Higher Ed Governance, Excellence & Transparency

UT Regents
Wallace HallPaul FosterEugene PowellSteven HicksErnest AlisedaJeffery HildebrandBrenda PejovichAlex CranbergRobert Stillwell

Elected Officials
Rick PerryJoe StrausCharles PerryTrey FischerDan FlynnNaomi GonzalezEric JohnsonLyle LarsonCarol AlvaradoFour PriceJim PittsDan Branch

UT Individuals
Bill PowersLarry SagerBarry BurgdorfKevin HegartyFrancisco CigarroaCarol Longoria
See also: Wallace Hall impeachment trial

In 2013, regent Wallace Hall fell under investigation by a state house committee for possible impeachment, relating to various actions Hall had undertaken as regent.

After he was appointed in 2011, Regent Wallace Hall began looking into what he believed to be clout scandals within the University of Texas system. Hall investigated the university's forgivable-loans program, admissions policies and preferential treatment to politically-connected individuals.[4] Hall, as an individual citizen, filed a large number of FOIA requests with the University system after his inquiries via his role as a Regent were rebuffed.[5] According to his accusers, Hall filed requests of more than 800,000 pages, which some Texas administrators called an unnecessary burden.[6][7] However, a letter from University chancellor Francisco Cigarroa in February 2014 said that Hall likely requested fewer than 100,000 pages.[8][9] In addition, Cigarroa wrote: "During testimony before the Select Committee, some early witnesses implied that the U.T. System has not protected the privacy rights of students, staff, and patients. This is simply not true."[10]

An effort was begun in June 2013 to try and impeach Hall from his position as Regent. Some legislators are justifying the impeachment under the grounds that Hall did not disclose several lawsuits that he was involved in when he originally completed his Regent background check. Hall updated Governor Rick Perry's office in April 2013 with the full list.[11][12] No unelected official in Texas has ever been successfully impeached or removed from office.[13] Governor of Texas Rick Perry's spokesperson said the investigations send a "chilling message" to gubernatorial appointees.[14] He added that the investigation was "extraordinary political theater."[15]

Richard Legon, president of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, criticized the impeachment process in a November interview with the Austin American Statesman. He called the impeachment process the "nuclear option" and said it could send a chilling signal to other members of higher education boards. Legon suggested that the board should have first been given the opportunity to address Hall's requests. "It’s fine for a board member to seek information through the appropriate path. The first layer of reining in an overly aggressive board member should be the board," he said.[16] In July 2013, University of Texas Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa and Regent Eugene Powell responded to the ongoing investigation and negative remarks against Hall from some elected officials and University of Texas staff. Cigarroa said Hall was not allowed to access anything that was not reviewed by University lawyers to ensure they met federal privacy standards. In a July 15, 2013 letter to state representative Jim Pitts, Powell wrote: "Regent Hall's efforts extend to bringing the U.T. System into a competitive position nationally; especially related to offering blended and online learning opportunities to U.T. students. I would point out Regent Hall's excellent service to the Board in terms of time and energy. I appreciate his Board service and his dedication and hard work designed to fulfill his fiduciary obligations.[17][18]

In a November 11, 2013 meeting, the Board of Regents voted to ask the Attorney General of Texas for an opinion regarding the release of confidential information for the investigation. The Board waived confidentiality for some records to be turned over to the committee, while seeking input about other pieces of information.[19] Paul Foster, Regent Chair, asked Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott whether a House committee can hold University of Texas officials in contempt to the same extent as a district court.[20]

December board meeting

A December 12, 2013 Board meeting listed as an agenda item the "discussion and appropriate action related to recommendation by Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Chancellor concerning employment of Wililam C. Powers, Jr., as President of the University of Texas at Austin."[21] State legislators previously instructed the board not to make personnel decisions related to anyone current involved in legislative investigations -- including Powers.[22] Speculation was that the future of Powers could impact whether Texas Longhorns football coach Mack Brown is retained.[23] The Board met for four hours in an executive session closed-door meeting.[24] Because of the posting of the agenda, regents could have taken action following the closed-door session. "I do not know if there was a specific purpose in mind for the agenda item. I’m sure it was discussed between the chancellor and the chairman," said Regent Alex Cranberg. State Senator Judith Zaffirini said she hoped the board votes in favor of keeping Powers as University President.[25]

At the meeting, the board did not take any action on Powers employment. Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa told the Board that Powers needs to improve trust, respect and communication in dealings with regents and system officials. "I am hopeful that the strained relationships can be improved. It is my recommendation as chancellor that Bill Powers should continue his appointment as president of the University of Texas at Austin," he said.[26][27] Cigarroa said that the relationship between himself and Powers and himself had seen improvement.[28] Powers said: "There was a question about my employment, it got resolved positively. It is very positive to get this behind us and move forward in addressing these issues that face our campuses and face the system."[29]

Cigarroa detailed how in August 2013, he had explained to the Board of Regents the growing strain in his relationship with Powers.[30]

The main reason for the strain is that Bill and I would agree upon certain principles and then I would act on those principles, but then Bill Powers would often convey a message of misalignment, leading to conflict between U. T. System Administration and The University of Texas at Austin. Additionally, conversations with President Powers were frequently difficult, seeming like an ongoing negotiation," Cigarroa said.[30][31]

Legislator text message

In March 2014, it was revealed that State Senator Kirk Watson (R) sent a text message to Regent Chair Paul Foster during the December 12, 2013 meeting.[32]

Setting a future date for the President to leave is no more than a deferred termination. Three of the regents testified that they would not vote for termination absent a recommendation from the Chancellor[31]

Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (R),

Watson previously said the Board should make its decision regarding Powers without any "external influences."[32]

Criminal allegations

A January 2014 review by the law firm Hilder & Associates concluded that there was "no credible evidence of a violation of [the state government code] that would warrant a referral for criminal prosecution." The report concluded that Hall had a legitimate reason for having the documents in question. "In light of the fundamental role attorneys plan, it would lead to an absurd result were it criminal for an official to provide student records to his or her attorney in the face of litigation, or anticipated litigation, involving these records," Philip Hilder wrote in the report. Hilder submitted the report to the legislative committee. The Board of Regents hired the firm to review whether Hall may have violated any federal privacy laws in his handling of student information. November 2013 testimony prompted committee-member Trey Fischer to request the inquiry. Committee member Dan Flynn said he was not surprised by the findings and was pleased the university counsel reached a conclusion.[33][34][35][36]

Release of email documents

In late March 2014, as a result of public records requests made following the resignation of Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa, the University of Texas system released over 2,000 email documents to news outlets. Although the documents were heavily redacted (including entire pages that were blacked out), they nonetheless underscored the longstanding tensions between the Regents and university administrators. Topics touched upon in the released correspondence include controversies surrounding the law school foundation, President Bill Powers' travel, and admissions policies.[37]

In particular, the documents revealed that four students were admitted to the University of Texas School of Law in spite of lower-than-average LSAT scores and grade point averages, further fueling allegations of admissions favoritism toward state lawmakers and other influential individuals.[38]


On February 10, 2014, Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa announced he would resign from his position as Chancellor. He said he felt he had accomplished the goals he set out to do five years earlier, and was prepared to return to medical practice full-time. "Education saves lives on many levels and I thought I could bring value to the UT system with that perspective in mind. Now it’s time to return to saving one life at a time," he said.[39] Cigarroa said his resignation had nothing to do with the turmoil and investigations within the University of Texas system. Cigarroa will continue to serve as chancellor until a replacement is found.[40][41] Cigarroa's new position will be as head of pediatric surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.[42]


There are six standing committees within the Board of Regents.[43]

Academic Affairs

Audit, Compliance, and Management Review

Facilities Planning and Construction

Finance and Planning

Health Affairs

Technology Transfer and Research

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