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When finished, this content will be moved to Ballotpedia:Plagiarism policy. Other possible things to include in page:

  • Company limit on the percentage of content that can be used and attributed in any given article.
  • Create Plagiarism AIT.

Other considerations:

  • Internal response to instances of plagiarism. For example, what should a writer do if they encounter plagiarism? A PD? The editor? The CCO? Any other staff member at LBI? This part of our plagiarism policy should probably exist in a google doc memo that is sent to the staff at large and maintained on the LBI intranet.

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The Lucy Burns Institute has a strict no plagiarism policy. When quoting information from other sources, quotes should be clearly defined and properly cited. When paraphrasing information from other sources or synthesizing multiple sources into an article on Ballotpedia, make sure to provide appropriate references to that content as well.

If you encounter plagiarism on the wiki, please either remove the instance of plagiarism or place the {{Copyright}} template at the top of the article.

Discovered instances of plagiarism will be communicated to the user who added the content in question. If repeated instances of plagiarism are found, that user may be blocked from Ballotpedia.

Defining plagiarism

Plagiarism can be defined in two ways, and both should be taken equally seriously. Plagiarism is first defined as taking someone else's work and willfully attempting to pass it off as your own. Secondly, plagiarism can be defined as using someone else's work and failing to properly cite your sources and provide attribution.[1]

While the first definition of plagiarism is arguably more blatent, plagiarism in either form is damaging. Especially in the wiki environment, it is crucial to provide proper attribution to all of your sources and use your own voice when synthesizing information.

The term plagiarism refers to non-fiction work, while fabrication may be used to describe a similar situation involving fiction. To fabricate is to make up people or facts and pretend that they are real.[2]

Avoiding plagiarism

See also: Help:Footnotes

Even if the sources you use are in your writing are in the public domain, you must still cite these sources (say where the words or images came from) and attribute all ideas, quotes and images. One way to do this is through the use of references, which should be placed at the end of a sentence or short group of sentences where a particular source is used. References should appear at the end of a sentence after the period or at the end of a line of text (in the case of bulleted lists or tables).

Another way to ensure that your sources are properly attributed is to begin with a phrase such as, "According to the New York Times,..." This way, you state where your fact or idea came from up front, leaving no doubt about the origin of the following statement.[2]

Length of quotes


Plagiarism vs. Copyright Infringement

Detecting plagiarism

Detecting plagiarism on a wiki website can be slightly more difficult than in more traditional print mediums. One of the ways plagiarism has been detected in the past is through the sudden change of voice or evident writing ability in a given piece.[2] This can be very difficult on a wiki page where multiple writers are contributing to the same finished page.

Signs of plagiarism in an article

  • no or sparse attributions
  • change in voice
  • writing is beyond the writer’s skill level

Reproducing Ballotpedia content

Ballotpedia is licensed under the LICENSE. Our content may be reproduced elsewhere with proper attribution.

From time to time, you may wish to reproduce content from one page on Ballotpedia to another page on Ballotpedia. For example, you may wish to reproduce a few sentences from the Indiana Congressional delegation page on the Indiana state hub page. Reproducing our content on our pages is acceptable, but reproducing entire pages is unnecessary. In general, no more than one section from a given page should be reproduced on another page.

If you are unsure if the reproduction of content you propose is acceptable or not, contact [1].

See also

External links is a project of iParadigms LLC, the makers of various plagiarism-checking tools


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