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Hi! I'm Sharon Thompson, Director of Wiki Training for the Lucy Burns Institute. I started in this position in September, 2009 and I will be creating tutorials and other materials to make it easier for new users to figure out how to contribute to Ballotpedia. If I can help you with anything, leave a message on my talk page.

I have been a high school social studies teacher for several decades before coming to the Lucy Burns Institute, and have recently completed a graduate certificate in E-learning and Online Teaching at the University of Wisconsin Stout. So, I am excited about the opportunity to do wiki training with you!

My interest in learning with technology started prior to our arrival in the Madison area, where I was able to be a founder of a private, non-profit school, and be its administrator for ten years. My husband is also a high school technology teacher, so education and technology have been a big part of our lives! We have five grown children and nine beautiful grandchildren! Just ask me about them! :-)

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