Utah Prohibition of Personal Use of Campaigns Funds (2010)

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Utah Prohibition of Personal Use of Campaigns Funds, also known as the Anti-Corruption Initiative, did not appear on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot in Utah as an initiated state statute. The measure would have prohibited personal use of campaign funds by office holders and candidates.

Ballot summary

According to the application filed with the Utah Secretary of State, the initiative title and description read as follows:[1]

Initiative Statement: Shall Utah Code be modified to prohibit the personal use of campaign donations by current office holders and political candidates?

General Description: This initiative fixes the deficient provisions of the 2009 Senate Bill 162 and prohibits the personal funds by office holders and candidates, not just former candidates or former office holders as was passed by the 2009 Utah Legislature.

Highlighted Provisions: This initiative prohibits the use of campaign funds by a current candidate or officeholder or former candidate or officeholder, for a purpose that would result in a recognition of the funds as taxable income under federal tax law.

Path to the ballot

See also: Utah signature requirements

In order to qualify for the ballot, the measure's supporters were required to collect 94,552 signatures by April 15, 2010. As of June 30 no initiatives have qualified for the 2010 statewide ballot.

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