Utah State Legislature

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Utah State Legislature

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General Information
Type:   State legislature
Term limits:   None
2015 session start:   January 23, 2012
Website:   Official Legislature Page
Senate President:   Michael Waddoups (R)
House Speaker:  Rebecca Lockhart (R)
Majority Leader:   Scott Jenkins (R) (Senate),
Brad Dee (R) (House)
Minority Leader:   Ross Romero (D) (Senate),
David Litvack (D) (House)
Members:  29 (Senate), 75 (House)
Length of term:   4 years (Senate), 2 years (House)
Authority:   Art VI, Utah Constitution
Salary:   $117/day + per diem
Last Election:  November 2, 2010
15 seats (Senate)
75 seats (House)
Next election:  November 4, 2012
14 seats (Senate)
75 seats (House)
Redistricting:  Redistricting Committee of the Utah Legislature handles redrawing boundaries
The Utah State Legislature is the state legislature of Utah. It is a bicameral body, comprising of the Utah House of Representatives, with 75 Representatives, and the Utah State Senate, with 29 State Senators.

The Legislature convenes at the Utah State Capitol in of Salt Lake City on the third Monday of January for an annual 45 day session.

Qualifications to hold office

To be eligible for the office of a state Senator or Representative, a person must be a citizen of the United States, be at least 25 years of age, be a qualified voter in the district from which elected, and must be a resident of the State of Utah for three years and a resident of the district from which elected for six months.


Section 2 of Article VI of the Utah Constitution establishes that the Legislature is to convene a new session every two years on the second Monday in January. This means that the "2010 session" was actually a continuation of a regular session that convened in 2009. Section 16 of Article VI limits these regular sessions to sixty legislative days, except in cases of impeachment.


See also: Dates of 2012 state legislative sessions

In 2012, the Legislature will be in session from January 23 through March 8.

Major issues

Major topics include a projected $13 billion budget, improving technology for students, illegal immigration, and infrastructure improvements.[1]


See also: Dates of 2011 state legislative sessions

In 2011, the Legislature was in session from January 24 through March 10. [2] A single day special session was called by Governor Gary Herbert for July 27, to consider several issues, including adjustments to health insurance rates, liquor commission guidelines, judicial evaluations, and adopting another resolution supporting a federal balanced budget amendment.[3] Gov. Herbert has called for a second special session this year, set for the week of October 3. During that week, the legislature will cover redistricting issues.[4]

The 45 calendar days that the Utah Legislature is in regular session during 2011 is tied with Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arkansas for the shortest legislative session in the country.[5]


See also: Dates of 2010 state legislative sessions

In 2010, the Legislature was in session from January 25 to March 11.[6]


The Utah State Senate is the upper house of the Utah State Legislature. It consists of 29 State Senators. Each member represents an average of 95,306 residents, as of the 2010 Census.[7] After the 2000 Census, each member represented 77,006.[8] Senators are elected to a four-year term, with half of all districts up for election every two years.

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 4
     Republican Party 25
Total 29

House of Representatives

See also: Utah House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is the lower house of the Utah State Legislature. It consists of 75 Representatives. Each member represents an average of 36,852 residents, as of the 2010 Census.[9] After the 2000 Census, each member represented 29,776.[10] Representatives are elected to two-year terms, with all districts up for every two years.

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 13
     Republican Party 62
Total 75



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As of 2011, members of the Utah Legislature are paid $117/day. Legislators receive $96/day for lodging each calendar day, tied to the federal rate. They also receive $61/day for meals.[11]

The $117/day that Utah legislators are paid as of 2011 is the same as they were paid during legislative sessions in 2010 and a decrease from $130/day in 2007. Per diem has increased from $90/day lodging and $54/day for meals in 2007 to $106/day lodging and $61/day meals in 2010 and decreased to $96/day lodging in 2011.[12][13]

When sworn in

See also: When state legislators assume office after a general election

Utah legislators assume office the first or second day of session (January).

Joint legislative committees

The Utah Legislature has six joint interim committees:

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