Verification checks begin for Washington's 2011 initiatives

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July 22, 2011

State election crews verify submitted initiative petitions for 2011
Photo credit: Washington Secretary of State's office

By Bailey Ludlam

OLYMPIA, Washington: Election officials announced this week that initiative checks have officially begun. A grand total of three initiatives submitted petition signatures this year for the 2011 statewide ballot.

Signature checks began Wednesday, July 20 on a proposed initiative relating to transportation tolls. According to the Secretary of State's office the check is expected to last two to three days.[1]

Next in line is the liquor privatization measure followed by an initiative on long-term care.

In order to qualify for the ballot, a total of 241,153 valid signatures are required.

Initiative Description Submitted signatures
Transportation tolls Prohibits gas tax and toll revenues to be diverted to non-transportation purposes 327,043
Liquor privatization Would close state liquor stores; allow state licensing of private parties 354,000
Long-term care Partially restores cuts to long-term in-home care services by extending sales taxes to nonresidents 340,000

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