Vermont House of Representatives elections, 2014

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Vermont House of Representatives elections, 2014

Majority controlQualifications
List of candidates
Addison 1Addison 2Addison 3Addison 4Addison 5Addison-RutlandBennington 1Bennington 2-1Bennington 2-2Bennington 3Bennington 4Bennington-RutlandCaledonia 1Caledonia 2Caledonia 3Caledonia 4Caledonia-WashingtonChittenden 1Chittenden 2Chittenden 3Chittenden 4-1Chittenden 4-2Chittenden 5-1Chittenden 5-2Chittenden 6-1Chittenden 6-2Chittenden 6-3Chittenden 6-4Chittenden 6-5Chittenden 6-6Chittenden 6-7Chittenden 7-1Chittenden 7-2Chittenden 7-3Chittenden 7-4Chittenden 8-1Chittenden 8-2Chittenden 8-3Chittenden 9-1Chittenden 9-2Chittenden 10Essex-CaledoniaEssex-Caledonia-OrleansFranklin 1Franklin 2Franklin 3-1Franklin 3-2Franklin 4Franklin 5Franklin 6Franklin 7Grand Isle-ChittendenLamoille 1Lamoille 2Lamoille 3Lamoille-WashingtonOrange 1Orange 2Orange-CaledoniaOrange-Washington-AddisonOrleans 1Orleans 2Orleans-CaledoniaOrleans-LamoilleRutland 1Rutland 2Rutland 3Rutland 4Rutland 5-1Rutland 5-2Rutland 5-3Rutland 5-4Rutland 6Rutland-BenningtonRutland-Windsor 1Rutland-Windsor 2Washington 1Washington 2Washington 3Washington 4Washington 5Washington 6Washington 7Washington-ChittendenWindham 1Windham 2-1Windham 2-2Windham 2-3Windham 3Windham 4Windham 5Windham 6Windham-BenningtonWindham-Bennington-WindsorWindsor 1Windsor 2Windsor 3-1Windsor 3-2Windsor 4-1Windsor 4-2Windsor 5Windsor-Orange 1Windsor-Orange 2Windsor-Rutland
State Legislative Election Results

Vermont House of Representatives2014 Vermont State Senate Elections
Elections for the office of Vermont's state representatives will be held in Vermont on November 4, 2014.

Majority control

See also: Partisan composition of state senates

Heading into the November 4 election, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the Vermont House of Representatives:

Vermont House of Representatives
Party As of November 3, 2014 After November 4, 2014
     Democratic Party 96 85
     Republican Party 45 53
     Vermont Progressive Party 5 6
     Independent 4 6
Total 150 150


The Vermont Constitution states, "No person shall be elected a Representative or a Senator until the person has resided in this State two years, the last year of which shall be in the legislative district for which the person is elected."[1]

List of candidates

Pending once the filing deadline occurs in 2014.

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