Vermont House of Representatives elections, 2014

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Vermont House of Representatives elections, 2014

Majority controlQualifications
List of candidates
Addison 1Addison 2Addison 3Addison 4Addison 5Addison-RutlandBennington 1Bennington 2-1Bennington 2-2Bennington 3Bennington 4Bennington-RutlandCaledonia 1Caledonia 2Caledonia 3Caledonia 4Caledonia-WashingtonChittenden 1Chittenden 2Chittenden 3Chittenden 4-1Chittenden 4-2Chittenden 5-1Chittenden 5-2Chittenden 6-1Chittenden 6-2Chittenden 6-3Chittenden 6-4Chittenden 6-5Chittenden 6-6Chittenden 6-7Chittenden 7-1Chittenden 7-2Chittenden 7-3Chittenden 7-4Chittenden 8-1Chittenden 8-2Chittenden 8-3Chittenden 9-1Chittenden 9-2Chittenden 10Essex-CaledoniaEssex-Caledonia-OrleansFranklin 1Franklin 2Franklin 3-1Franklin 3-2Franklin 4Franklin 5Franklin 6Franklin 7Grand Isle-ChittendenLamoille 1Lamoille 2Lamoille 3Lamoille-WashingtonOrange 1Orange 2Orange-CaledoniaOrange-Washington-AddisonOrleans 1Orleans 2Orleans-CaledoniaOrleans-LamoilleRutland 1Rutland 2Rutland 3Rutland 4Rutland 5-1Rutland 5-2Rutland 5-3Rutland 5-4Rutland 6Rutland-BenningtonRutland-Windsor 1Rutland-Windsor 2Washington 1Washington 2Washington 3Washington 4Washington 5Washington 6Washington 7Washington-ChittendenWindham 1Windham 2-1Windham 2-2Windham 2-3Windham 3Windham 4Windham 5Windham 6Windham-BenningtonWindham-Bennington-WindsorWindsor 1Windsor 2Windsor 3-1Windsor 3-2Windsor 4-1Windsor 4-2Windsor 5Windsor-Orange 1Windsor-Orange 2Windsor-Rutland
State Legislative Election Results

Vermont House of Representatives2014 Vermont State Senate Elections
Elections for the office of Vermont House of Representatives took place in 2014. A primary election took place on August 26, 2014. The general election was held on November 4, 2014. The signature-filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was June 12, 2014.

Majority control

See also: Partisan composition of state senates

Heading into the November 4 election, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the Vermont House of Representatives:

Vermont House of Representatives
Party As of November 3, 2014 After November 4, 2014
     Democratic Party 96 85
     Republican Party 45 53
     Vermont Progressive Party 5 6
     Independent 4 6
Total 150 150


The Vermont Constitution states, "No person shall be elected a Representative or a Senator until the person has resided in this State two years, the last year of which shall be in the legislative district for which the person is elected."[1]

List of candidates

Pending once the filing deadline occurs in 2014.

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