Virginia's electronic voter verficiation system may have glitches

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October 27, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

RICHMOND, Virginia: Local election registrars in the Commonwealth of Virginia say that glitches effecting its electronic voter verification system may cause problems on election day[1].

Staff from the Virginia State Board of Elections sent out a memo to local election registrars on October 26, 2010 warning them of possible slowdowns Election Day. Local elections registrars have told the Richmond Times Dispatch that the biggest issue they face would be that provisional ballots may not be counted right away if the system goes down. This may effect some tightly contested races for U.S. Congress and along with three statewide ballot measures[1].

Virginia elections officials are blaming the slowdown on an August 2010 incident that caused a whole shutdown of the Commonwealth's computer system. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a $2.5 billion, 13 year contract with Northrop Grumman to manage the state's computer networks. Low turnout is expected of election day in the Commonwealth[1].

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