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:: ''See also: [[Local ballot measure elections in 2012]]''
:: ''See also: [[Local ballot measure elections in 2012]]''
* ''No local elections are currently scheduled for 2012''
''No local measures have been identified for 2012. [[Local ballot measures, Virginia|Read about local happenings here]].''

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No measures have been certified for the 2012 ballot in Virginia. Since only legislatively-referred constitutional amendments are allowed in Virginia, proposals must be made during the state's legislative session. The 2011 regular session has been completed. The next regular session will begin in January 2012.

Potential measures

None currently proposed.

Local ballot measures

See also: Local ballot measure elections in 2012

No local measures have been identified for 2012. Read about local happenings here.


Since 2000, Virginians have considered 14 ballot measures. Of these 14, all 14 have passed. Historically, Virginia ballot measures have focused a wide variety of issues with tax, bond, and budget issues being most common. Other notable measures include 2000's hunting rights amendment and 2006's traditional marriage amendment.

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