Virginia Gubernatorial Term Limits Amendment (2012)

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Virginia Constitution
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The Virginia Gubernatorial Term Limits Amendment may appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of Virginia as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.

The measure would allow governors to serve two consecutive terms.[1]

As of 2011, the state of Virginia is the only state to not allow current governors to seek re-election while in office. Currently, governors are allowed to run for office again after being out of office for at least four years.[1]

If the proposal is approved in the 2012 legislative session, the measure will still require approval in yet another session before being referred to the statewide ballot. Thus, Governor Bob McDonnell's current term, which ends ends in January, 2014, would not be affected.[1]

Path to the ballot

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A majority vote is required (in two successive sessions) of the Virginia General Assembly.

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