Virginia politicians clamp down with abortion regulations

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April 29, 2013


By Eric Veram

RICHMOND, Virginia: The Virginia Board of Health recently voted 11-2 in approval of new regulations for abortion clinics in the state. The new laws would impose hospital style building codes on clinics, possibly running many out of business. The move was then certified by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R), who is also a current candidate for governor. According to proponents of the new rules, requiring things like wider hallways and doorways, expanded parking, and entrance awnings will help to protect the safety of women receiving services at the clinics. Opponents say that the regulations are nothing more than an attempt to close them down. Originally the board voted to grandfather in existing clinics, but Cuccinelli threatened not to defend them in any possible litigation, and stick them personally with legal bills, if they didn't reverse their decision. The board did of course reverse the decision despite opponents' arguments that the state normally grandfathers in any existing facilities when new regulations are passed.[1]

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