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Virginia vote fraud

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Vote fraud alert

  • Dead people voting: A list of the deceased registered to vote in Virginia
  • Felons voting: A list of incarcerated felons registered to vote in Virginia
  • Vote fraud hot spots: A list of municipalities and wards known as "hot spots" for voter fraud in Virginia icon.gif

Virginia vote fraud news

October 7, 2008
Community Voters Project Announced Increase in Minority Voters in Virgina, but Washington Post Columnist Believes that Conservative Voters will turn out big in Backlash against ACORN and US PIRG

Tim Craig of the Washington Post wrote a column highlighting increases in African-American and minority voters in Virginia by the Community Voters Project, but projects as there could be possible voting fraud committed by ACORN and US PIRG will fire up conservatives to turn out big at the polls on Election Day. ...more

October 5, 2008
Virginia's Case-by-Case Voting Law Allowing Felons to Vote could Aid Obama Camapaign, Raises Questions if Felons should be given the right to vote.

The Associated Press Reported that the Obama Campaign is using a Virginia law that would allow felons to vote on a case-by-case basis and pushes further for changes in Federal and State Elections laws allowing felons the right to vote, but it requires approval of the Governor, but Virginia in all other cases permantely bars felons from voting...more

October 3, 2008
Virginia Counties Raise Voting Fraud Fears on Increased Applications.

Virginia is one of many states seeing increased registration of voters, and as a state with a early voting registration deadline as their cut-off date has occured with an increase in the voter rolls in Virginia so does the fear increase among election and poltical party officials in Virginia of voting fraud ...more

October 1, 2008
Voter Registration Drives to Register College Students in Virginia Raise Concerns for Widespread Voting Fraud

As Virgnia becomes a key battleground state, there has been an increased amount of registered college students that are voting at their campus addresses. With the trend increasing, so does the fear from some elections officials and political party officials in Virginia that this influx in new college aged voters raises concerns of voting fraud. ...more

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