Vote fraud in Illinois

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East St. Louis

On March 22, 2005, four Democrat activists in East St. Louis pleaded guilty to paying voters $5 to $10 to vote for the “Democratic ticket” in the November 2004 election. Those pleading guilty included three precinct committeemen and one precinct worker. According to the Belleville News-Democrat, the money used to buy votes came from the St. Clair County Democratic Central Committee, which paid $73,326 to East St. Louis Democratic precinct committeemen days before the election.[1][2]

A federal jury convicted the Democrat Party chairman and four others of scheming to buy votes with cash, cigarettes and liquor in November 2004 to elect key Democrats.[3]


  • Charles Powell, Jr., East St. Louis Democrat Party Chairman
  • Kelvin Ellis, East St. Louis former director of regulatory affairs
  • Sheila Thomas, East St. Louis Democrat precinct committeeman
  • Jesse Lewis, East St. Louis Democrat precinct committeeman
  • Yvette Johnson, East St. Louis City Hall worker[3]

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Alexander County

Former Alexander County Circuit Clerk Susan Hilemana filed a civil lawsuit stemming from a vote-buying scheme in 2000. The lawsuit named numerous high profile defendants and asked for more than $2.5 million in compensatory damages.[4]

1960 presidential election

Earl Mazo, the journalist who documented electoral fraud in Chicago in the presidential election of 1960, says there was also "definitely fraud" in downstate Illinois counties controlled by Republicans "but they didn't have the votes to counterbalance Chicago".[5]


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