Voters head to polls in Missouri to weigh in on Prop C

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August 3, 2010


Voters throughout Missouri are heading to the polls on Tuesday, August 3 to weigh in on Proposition C. The vote represents the first time that voters anywhere in the country will have a chance to officially register their views on parts of the federal government’s 2010 health care reform.[1]

The ballot proposition was referred to the ballot by the Missouri State Legislature. The Missouri State Senate voted 26-8 in favor of placing the proposed measure on the ballot on May 4.[2][3][4] On May 11, the House gave final approval to refer the measure to the ballot following a 108-47 vote.

Although the public's reaction to the federal healthcare system overhaul has been highly visible and contentious since at least the summer of 2009, the Missouri ballot proposition has mostly attracted grassroots support and opposition.[1]

Missourians for Health Care Freedom, a group organized to urge voters to say "yes" to Prop C, when all is said and done is likely to raise and spend less than $100,000 on their campaign.

The Missouri State Medical Association, which wants voters to say "no", has spent more than $400,000, mostly on mailings to the homes of registered voters.[5]

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