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This page has information relating to voting in Alabama. For full information contact your state election agency.


Alabama uses an open primary system and does not require voters to declare a party preference when registering to vote.

To vote in Alabama, one must meet all of the following requirements:

  • is a citizen of the United States;
  • resides in Alabama;
  • is at least 18 years old on or before election day;
  • has not been barred from voting due to a disqualifying felony conviction;
  • and has not been declared mentally incompetent by a court.[1]

When and where

Citizens can register all year round with the exception of during the 10 days preceding the election as well as election day. For the 2012 general election, voters must have registered by October 26 to be eligible to vote.

A citizen may register to vote in the following locations:

  • when applying for or renewing a State of Alabama driver’s license or identification card;
  • at state and local government offices when applying or recertifying for Aid to Dependent Children, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Rehabilitation Services;
  • at public libraries;
  • at armed forces recruiting stations;
  • at the Board of Registrars located at the county seat in the voter's county of residence;
  • by mail-in form available at Probate Judge and License Commissioner offices, colleges and universities, public schools, or libraries. A mail-in registration form may also be obtained by calling the county Board of Registrars or the Elections Division in the Office of Secretary of State (SOS) at 1-800-274-VOTE (8683).
  • by mail-in form downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website at[1]

Voting on election day

The county Board of Registrars sends to each voter a certificate of registration that includes the address of that voter’s polling place. A voter who has not received this card should contact the local Board of registrars for information on his or her polling place. A voter can also verify where he or she votes on the Secretary of State’s web site at

Poll times

See also: State Poll Opening and Closing Times

Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM EST on election day and a valid photo ID is required to vote.[1]

Absentee voting


A voter is eligible to vote absentee in an election if he or she cannot make it to the polls on Election Day for one of the following reasons:[2]

  • WILL BE ABSENT FROM THE COUNTY on election day
  • IS ILL OR HAS A PHYSICAL DISABILITY that prevents a trip to the polling place
  • IS A REGISTERED ALABAMA VOTER LIVING OUTSIDE THE COUNTY, such as a member of the armed forces, a voter employed outside the United States, a college student, or a spouse or child of such a person
  • IS AN APPOINTED ELECTION OFFICER OR POLL WATCHER at a polling place other than his or her regular polling place
  • WORKS A REQUIRED SHIFT, 10-HOURS OR MORE, that coincides with polling hours

BUSINESS/MEDICAL EMERGENCY VOTING applications can be made after the absentee deadline but no later than 5 p.m. on the day before the election, if the voter:

  • is required by an employer under unforeseen circumstances to be out of the county on election day for an emergency business trip, or
  • has a medical emergency requiring treatment from a licensed physician[3]

—Alabama Office of the Secretary of State


The absentee ballot application must be received at least five days prior to the election. The ballot must then be returned either in person by close of business the day before the election or by mail. If returned by mail, the ballot must be postmarked no later than the day before the election and received by the election manager by noon on Election Day.[2]

Military and overseas voting

For full details regarding military and overseas voting, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Early voting

There is no early voting in Alabama.[1]

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