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Voting in the 2012 general elections

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This page will contain voter registration information pertaining to the 2012 general elections.

Information coming soon
Voting in Primary Elections 2012 Information
State Registration Deadline Days before the General Election Residency Requirements Voter ID Required Same day registration
Alabama 10/26/2012[1] 11 Resident[1] Yes[2] No
Alaska 10/7/2012[3] 30 Resident[4] Yes[4] No
Arizona 10/8/2012 (October 9th at midnight)[5] 29 Resident[6] Yes[7] No
Arkansas 10/8/2012[8] 30 Resided in Arkansas at least 30 days prior to the election[9] Yes[10] No
California 10/22/2012[11] 15 Resident[11] No[12] No
Colorado 10/8/2012[13] 29 Colorado resident and had lived in current precinct for at least 30 days before the election[14] Yes[15] No
Connecticut 10/23/2012[16] 14 Resident of a Connecticut town[17] Maybe (First time voters only)[18] No
Delaware 10/13/2012[19] 24 Resident (proof required)[20] Yes[21] No
Florida 10/9/2012**[22] 28 Legal resident of Florida[22] Yes (photo and signature)[22] No
Georgia 10/9/2012**[23] 28 A legal resident of Georgia and of the county[24] Yes[25] No
Hawaii 10/8/2012[26] 29 Resident[27] Yes[28][29] No
Idaho 10/12/2012[30] 25 Resided in Idaho and in the county for 30 days[31] Yes[32] Yes[33]
Illinois 10/9/2012**[34] 28 Resident of the precinct at least 30 days prior to election[35] No[36] No
Indiana 10/9/2012**[37] 28 Resident[37] Yes[38] No
Iowa 10/27/2012[39] 10 Resident[40] Maybe (Showing ID is sometimes necessary)[41] Yes[42]
Kansas 10/16/2012[43] 21 Resident for at least 21 days prior to election[44] Yes[45] No
Kentucky 10/9/2012**[46] 28 Kentucky resident for at least 28 days before election day[46] Yes[46] No
Louisiana 10/31/2012[47] 30 Resided in Louisiana and in parish[48] Yes[49] No
Maine 10/16/2012[50] 21 Established and maintained a residence in the municipality[51] No[52] Yes[53]
Maryland 10/16/2012[54] 21 Resident[55] Maybe (First time voters may be required to show ID at the polls)[56] No
Massachusetts 10/17/2012[57] 20 Resident[57] No[57] No
Michigan 10/9/2012**[58] 28 Resident of Michigan and the city or township[59] Yes[60] No
Minnesota 10/16/2012 (Voters may register at the polls on Election Day)[61][62] 21 Resided in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding Election Day[63] Maybe (Voters registering on Election Day will need to bring and present ID)[63] Yes[64]
Mississippi 10/6/2012[65] 31 Resident of Mississippi and had lived in city or town for at least 30 days prior to election[66] Yes[67] No
Missouri 10/10/2012[68] 27 Resident[69] Yes[70] No
Montana 10/9/2012**[71] 28 Resided in Montana for at least 30 days[72] Yes[73] Yes[74]
Nebraska 10/19/2012[75] 18 Resided in Nebraska[76] Maybe (First time voters may need to present ID)[76] No
Nevada 10/16/2012[77] 21 Resident of Nevada for 30 days before the election[78] No[77] No
New Hampshire 10/27/2012[79] 10 There was no minimum period of time required to have lived in New Hampshire before being allowed to register[80] No[81] Yes[82]
New Jersey 10/16/2012[83] 21 Resident of New Jersey and county at least 30 days prior to the election[83] Maybe (If voters do not presented ID when registering, ID is required to vote)[84][85] No
New Mexico 10/9/2012**[86] 28 Resident[87] Yes[86][87] No
New York 10/17/2012 (Deadline by mail--postmarked 10/12/2012, received by 10/17/2012. In person registration available until 10/26/2012)[88][89] 20 Lived at address at least 30 days before an election[90] Yes[91] No
North Carolina 10/12/2012[92] 25 Prior to voting, must have been a resident of the county for at least 30 days prior to election day.[92] No[93][94] Yes (during Early/Absentee voting)[95]
North Dakota No voter registration***[96] N/A Resident of North Dakota for 30 days prior to the election[97] Yes[98] N/A
Ohio 10/9/2012**[99] 28 Resident of Ohio for at least 30 days immediately before the election[100] Yes[101] No
Oklahoma 10/12/2012[102] 25 Resident[103] Yes[104] No
Oregon 10/16/2012[105] 21 Resident[106] Oregon used vote by mail system --they compared signatures to the registration signatures[107][108] No
Pennsylvania 10/9/2012**[109] 28 Resident of Pennsylvania and the election district at least 30 days before the election[110] Maybe (First time voters may need to present ID)[111] No
Rhode Island 10/7/2012[112] 30 A legal resident of Rhode Island[113] Yes[114] No
South Carolina 10/6/2012[115][116][117] 31 Resident of South Carolina, county and precinct[118] Yes[119] No
South Dakota 10/22/2012[120] 15 Resident[121] Yes[122] No
Tennessee 10/8/2012 (Monday after the weekend in which 30 days prior to the election falls)[123] 29 Resident[124] Yes[125] No
Texas 10/9/2012**[126] 28 Resident of Texas and county in which registered[127] No (Photo ID law is currently under federal lawsuit)[128][129][130][131] No
Utah 10/9/2012(10/22/2012 or 15 days prior to election if registering in person)**[132] 28 Resident of Utah for at least 30 days[133] Yes[134] No
Vermont 10/31/2012[135] 6 Resident of Vermont and town[136][137] Yes[138] No
Virginia 10/15/2012[139] 22 Resident[139] Yes[140] No
Washington 10/8/2012 (In person first time voting registration deadline is 10/29/2012)[141] 29 Resident[142] Washington has a vote by mail system[143] No
West Virginia 10/16/2012[144] 21 Resident of West Virginia and the county in which registering[144] Yes[144] No
Wisconsin 10/17/2012 (Pre registration date. Voters may register at the polls the day of the election.)[145] 20+++ Must have lived in Wisconsin for at least 28 days, and had no current intention of moving.[146] Yes (Photo ID law currently under temporary court injunction)[147][148] Yes[149]
Wyoming 10/22/2012[150] 15 Resident of Wyoming and the precinct[151] Yes[151] Yes[152]
***North Dakota was the only state in the United States which did not require some form of voter registration

+++Wisconsin allowed same-day voter registration

    • Note: Some states had a voter registration deadline 30 days prior to the election, but because this may have fallen on a weekend and Columbus Day was on Monday, October 8th, extended the deadline to October 9, 2012.

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