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This table shows all [[initiative]]s and [[referendum|referenda]] that made the ballot in [[Washington]] for 2000. In the tables below, '''"CICA"''' stands for [[Initiated constitutional amendment|citizen-initiated constitutional amendment]], '''"CSS"''' for a [[Initiative|citizen-initiated state statute]], '''"CR"''' for a [[citizen referendum]], '''"LR"''' for a [[legislative referral]], and '''"LRCA"''' for a [[legislatively-referred constitutional amendment]].
===See also===
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Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 713 Hunting Makes it a misdemeanor to use or authorize the use of any steel-jawed leghold trap Passed
Yes: 54.6%
No: 55.4%
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 722 Taxes Declares null and void any tax increases adopted without voter approval Passed
Yes: 55.9%
No: 44.1%
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 728 Education Creates a new student achievement fund in the state treasury to provide building improvements relating to class-size reductions Passed
Yes: 71.7%
No: 28.3%
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 729 Education Authorizes the establishment of charter public schools Failed
Yes: 48.2%
No: 51.8%
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 732 Education Provides automatic cost-of-living increases each year to all school district employees Failed
Yes: 62.7%
No: 37.3%
2000 unknown Initiative Measure 745 Transportation Declares that new road and lane construction will be top priority for transportation system improvements Failed
Yes: 40.7%
No: 59.3%
2000 LR Senate Joint Resolution 8214 State Funds Removes the constitutional limitations on investment of funds held in trust for people with developmental disabilities Passed
Yes: 65%
No: 35%

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