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Six statewide ballot measures were on the November 8, 2005 ballot in the State of Washington. $$21,668,879 was spent on campaigns, pro and con, for the 6 measures.[1]

On the ballot

November 8

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 900 Gov't Acc Directs the state auditor to conduct performance audits of state and local governments Approveda
ITP Initiative 901 Smoking Bans Prohibits smoking in public places and in places of employment Approveda
ITP Initiative 912 Taxes Repeals motor vehicle fuel tax increases of 3 cents in 2005 and 2006, 2 cents in 2007, and 1.5 cents per gallon in 2008 Defeatedd
ITL Initiative 330 Tort Limits non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases to $350,000 and limits attorney fees Defeatedd
ITL Initiative 336 Tort Establishes a supplemental malpractice insurance program for liability exceeding private insurance Defeatedd
LRCA SJR 8207 Judiciary Replaces the phrase "district court judges" with the term "limited jurisdiction court judges," thus allowing a judge of any court of limited jurisdiction to be selected for a positions on the Commission on Judicial Conduct Approveda

2005 statistics

Front cover of Washington State's 2005 Voter Guide

Thirteen (13) "initiatives to the people" were filed for 2005. However, only three (3) of these measures had enough signatures to qualify for the November 2005 ballot. (When ballot measures don't qualify, it may be because the wording was filed and approved, but an active campaign to collect signatures never materialized.)

Of the "initiatives to the legislature" filed in 2005, 17 were assigned numbers, and all 17 failed. Three were withdrawn by their sponsors, one failed for unknown reasons, and 13 failed to submit signatures.

Four referendum measures were filed, none of which were certified for the ballot. Two were rejected because of their emergency clause, one for no signatures submitted, and one was withdrawn by the sponsor.

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