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Two measures, both referred to the ballot by the state legislature, have been certified for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot. According to the secretary of state 82 initiatives have been filed. The filing deadline for the November 2010 ballot for an Initiative to the Legislature was December 31, 2009. The filing deadline for an Initiative to the People is July 2, 2010.

On the ballot

November 2:

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 1053 Taxes Requires a supermajority vote of the legislature or a statewide vote for tax increases ApprovedaOverturnedot
ITP Initiative 1082 Labor Authorizes employers to purchase private industrial insurance Defeatedd
ITP Initiative 1098 Taxes Establishes a tax on "adjusted gross income" above $200,000 for individuals and $400,000 for filing jointly and reduces the limit on statewide property taxes by 20% and increased the business and occupation tax credit to $4,800 Defeatedd
ITP Initiative 1100 Alcohol Closes state liquor stores and authorizes sale, distribution and importation by private parties Defeatedd
ITP Initiative 1105 Alcohol Closes all state liquor stores and licenses private parties to sell or distribute spirits Defeatedd
ITP Initiative 1107 Taxes Reduces tax rates for certain food processors, ends the sales tax on candy and ends the temporary sales tax on some bottled water and temporary excise taxes on carbonated beverages Approveda
LRSS Referendum 52 Bond issues Authorizes $500 million bond for construction and repair projects increasing energy efficiency in public schools and higher education buildings Defeatedd
LRCA SJR 8225 State budget Requires the state to reduce the interest accounted for in calculating the constitutional debt limit Approveda
LRCA HJR 4220 Law enforcement Gives judges authority to deny bail whenever they deem the public at risk Approveda

Proposed measures


Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Build America Bonds Amendment Bond issues expand state use of federally subsidized Build America Bonds proposed
LRCA Income Tax Measure Taxes Income tax at 4.5% of income over $200,000; reduce sales tax proposed

Signatures filed

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Privatize State Liquor Stores, Initiative 1100 Alcohol Closes state liquor stores and authorizes sale, distribution, & importation by private parties Signatures filed 6/23/2010

Filed initiatives

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Save the Two-Thirds Vote for Tax Increases, Initiative 1055 (4) Taxes Will require 2/3 majority of the Washington State Legislature, or a statewide vote, for tax increases filed 1/4/10
ITP U.S. Legal Presence, Initiative 1056 Immigration Require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, driver's licenses, etc. filed 1/8/10
ITP State Budget Amendment, Initiative 1057 (2) State budgets Establishes a ceiling on state income and debt, voter approval required for changes filed 1/4/10
ITP Teaching of the Constitution Requirement, Initiative 1058 Education Requires the teaching of the relationship of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution filed 1/19/10
ITP Protection Act, Initiative 1059 Law enforcement Adds a statute that allows the right of self-defense filed 1/14/10
ITP Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act, Initiative 1060 Admin of gov't Create a federal tax escrow account filed 1/14/10
ITP Law Enforcement Amendment, Initiative 1061 Law enforcement Would authorize sheriffs to prohibit federal employees from making arrests, searches or seizures filed 1/14/10
ITP Firearms Freedom Act, Initiative 1062 Firearms Personal firearms within the state are not subject to federal regulation filed 1/14/10
ITP Health Care Freedom Act (2) Health care Prohibit rules against participation in specific health care filed 1/14/10
ITP Constitutional Government Act, Initiative 1064 Admin of gov't Legislation must identify the Constitutional power that allows for enactment of the proposed legislation filed 1/14/10
ITP Nontoxic Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Initiative 1065 Environment Prevents the regulation of nontoxic greenhouse gas emissions filed 1/14/10
ITP Legalize Marijuana, Initiative 1068 Marijuana Make it legal for adults to grow, possess and sell marijuana filed 1/11/10
ITP Change the State Seal, Initiative 1069 Admin of gov't Requires that the Seal of the State of Washington be changed filed 2/1/10
ITP Tax Amendment, Initiative 1070 (3) Taxes Establish a tax on certain income, reduce state property tax levy, increase business tax credit filed 1/29/10
ITP Minimum Drinking Age, Initiative 1072 Alcohol Lowers the drinking age in the state to 19 from 21 filed 2/10/10
ITP Candidate Filing, Initiative 1075 Elections Concerns election candidate filing fees filed 2/23/10
ITP Repeal 2010 Laws, Initiative 1076 Admin of gov't Would repeal all laws adopted in 2010 filed 3/9/10
ITP Mandatory Overtime, Initiative 1079 Admin of gov't Require state agencies and non profit groups to pay mandatory overtime at three times the hourly rate filed 3/19/10
ITP Workers' Comp Insurance Reform, Initiative 1082 (3) Labor Aimed at privatizing industrial insurance filed 1/20/10
ITP State Expenditure Limit, Initiative 1083 State spending Sets the state expenditure limit at 95% of “anticipated funds” or 97% of the previous year’s funds filed 4/5/10
ITP Public Assistance, Initiative 1084 Admin of gov't Allow the state to award public assistance following verification of citizenship filed 4/5/10
ITP Military Employment Actions, Initiative 1085 Military Would prohibit the Washington State Military Department from taking adverse employment actions based on sexual orientation filed 4/5/10
ITP Excise Tax on Beer, Initiative 1087 (2) Alcohol Would end a temporary excise tax on beer and strong beer filed 4/13/10
ITP Tobacco Tax, Initiative 1088 Tobacco Would reduce the tax on cigarettes and cigars and change the allocation of tax revenue filed 4/13/10
ITP Business and Occupation Tax, Initiative 1089 Taxes Would end a temporary increase in the business and occupation tax applicable to certain taxpayers filed 4/13/10
ITP Beverages and Candy Tax, Initiative 1092 Taxes Would end tax increases enacted in 2010 on beverages and candy filed 4/13/10
ITP Carbonated Beverages and Beer Tax, Initiative 1093 Taxes Would end temporary taxes on carbonated beverages and beer filed 4/19/10
ITP Bottled Water and Carbonated Beverages Tax, Initiative 1094 (3) Taxes Would end temporary tax bottled water and carbonated beverages filed 4/19/10
ITP Water, Carbonated Beverages and Beer Tax, Initiative 1095 Taxes Would end three temporary taxes - bottled water, carbonated beverages, and beer filed 4/19/10
ITP Carbonated Beverages Tax, Initiative 1096 Taxes Would end a temporary tax on carbonated beverages filed 4/19/10
ITP Long-Term Care Workers, Initiative 1097 Health care Increases training for long-term care workers; increases for completing advanced training filed 4/6/10
ITP Income Tax, Initiative 1098 (3) Taxes Tax gross income above $400,000 joint, reduce property tax levy filed 4/23/10
ITP Prohibit Income Tax Without Vote, Initiative 1101 Taxes Prohibits enactment of an income tax without a vote of the people filed 4/26/10
ITP State and Local Retail Sales Tax Exemption, Initiative 1102 Taxes Would exempt Washington made products from state and local retail sales taxes filed 4/26/10
ITP Limit State Legislator Compensation, Initiative 1103 Admin of gov't Limit state legislator compensation to regular legislative sessions filed 4/26/10
ITP Real Estate Mortgage Foreclosure, Initiative 1104 Business Would prohibit financial institutions from foreclosing certain mortgages without first offering debtors options filed 4/26/10
ITP Revise State Liquor Laws, Initiative 1105 Alcohol Close all state liquor stores and license private parties to sell or distribute spirits. Revises laws concerning regulation, taxation and government revenues. filed 5/7/10
ITP Repeal Tax Law Amendments, Initiative 1107 (2) Taxes Would reverse certain 2010 amendments to state tax laws filed 5/12/10
ITP Abduction Prevention Training, Initiative 1108 Law enforcement Requires public school districts to provide abduction prevention safety training filed 5/6/10
ITP Martial Arts Weapons Ban in Schools, Initiative 1109 Education Prohibits martial arts weapons in schools and colleges filed 5/6/10

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