Washington Assessed Value Based on Current Use, Amendment 53 (1968)

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Washington Constitution
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State of Washington Constitutional Amendment 53 was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Washington State Constitution. It was on the November 5, 1968 ballot in the State of Washington, where it was approved.

Amendment 53 amended Article VII, Section 11 of the Washington State Constitution.

It was the 53rd amendment approved to the Washington State Constitution subsequent to its adoption in 1889.

Amendment 53 added this language to the constitution:

"Nothing in this Article VII as amended shall prevent the legislature from providing, subject to such conditions as it may enact, that the true and fair value in money (a) of farms, agricultural lands, standing timber and timberlands, and (b) of other open space lands which are used for recreation or for enjoyment of their scenic or natural beauty shall be based on the use to which such property is currently applied, and such values shall be used in computing the assessed valuation of such property in the same manner as the assessed valuation is computed for all property."

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