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[[Category:Washington 1968 ballot measures]]
[[Category:Washington 1968 ballot measures]]
[[Category:Amendments to Article XXX of the Washington State Constitution]]
[[Category:Amendments to Article XXX of the Washington State Constitution]]
[[Category:Salaries of elected officials, Washington]]
[[Category:Salaries of government officials, Washington]]
[[Category:Salaries of elected officials, 1968]]
[[Category:Salaries of government officials, 1968]]

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Washington Constitution
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State of Washington Constitutional Amendment 54 was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Washington State Constitution. It was on the November 5, 1968 ballot in the State of Washington, where it was approved.

Amendment 54 amended Article XXX, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution.

It was the 54th amendment approved to the Washington State Constitution subsequent to its adoption in 1968.

Amendment 54 added this language to the constitution:

"The compensation of all elective and appointive state, county, and municipal officers who do not fix their own compensation, including judges of courts of record and the justice courts may be increased during their terms of office to the end that such officers and judges shall each severally receive compensation for their services in accordance with the law in effect at the time the services are being rendered. The provisions of section 25 of Article II (Amendment 35), section 25 of Article III (Amendment 31), section 13 of Article IV, section 8 of Article XI, and section 1 of Article XXVIII (Amendment 20) insofar as they are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed."

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