Washington Increase the Tobacco Tax, Initiative 773 (2001)

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Washington Initiative Measure 773, also known as the Additional Tobacco Taxes Act, was on the November 6, 2001 election ballot in Washington as an Initiative to the People, where it was approved.

Election results

Washington Initiative Measure 773
Approveda Yes 948,529 66.1%

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

This measure would add two additional taxes to the existing sales taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products. Revenues from these taxes would be earmarked to continue existing programs and expand health care services for low-income persons.

An additional tax would be imposed on the sale, use, consumption, handling, possession, or distribution of cigarettes, in the amount of 30 mills (3.0 cents) per cigarette. An additional tax would be imposed on the wholesale sales price of tobacco products (not including cigarettes), in the amount of 54.515625% of the wholesale sales price.

The revenue from the two new taxes would be first deposited in the health services account. To assure a continued source of revenue for those programs funded with the existing taxes, the measure would provide that specified amounts first be transferred to the violence reduction and drug enforcement account, the water quality account, and the existing health services account, with the remainder available for expenditure for the measure's new purposes.

Revenues collected above these specified amounts would be distributed as follows. First, the Legislature is requested to appropriate $5 million each for the fiscal years beginning on July 1, 2002, and July 1, 2003, for programs that effectively improve the health of low-income persons, including efforts to reduce diseases and illnesses that harm low-income persons. Second, the state treasurer is directed to transfer 10% of the remainder to the tobacco prevention and control account, to be appropriated and used exclusively for implementation of the state tobacco prevention and control plan. Third, the remainder of the money collected is designated for Washington Basic Health Plan enrollment. The Basic Health Plan is authorized to enroll 20,000 additional persons (over a base of 125,000) in the two-year budget period beginning July 1, 2001, plus an additional 50,000 enrollees in the two-year budget period beginning July 1, 2003.

Path to the ballot

  • Wording filed on March 26, 2001 by Astrid Berg of Seattle.
  • 275,081 signatures were submitted and found sufficient.

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