Washington Initiative 989 (2008)

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Not on Ballot
Proposed allot measures that were not on a ballot
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will not appear on a ballot
Washington Initiative 989 did not qualify for the ballot. If it had, it would have had the State of Washington pay up to 90 percent of the costs for embryo transfer, as an alternative to abortion. The measure also would have appropriated $1 million for that purpose and created fines for funds fraudulently received under this program.

Initiative 988 was a citizen-initiated state statute.

The official Ballot Measure Summary read:

This measure would require the Department of Health to adopt rules establishing a program to allow payment of up to ninety percent of the cost of an embryo transfer as an alternative to abortion, appropriate $1 million for that purpose, and provide a civil penalty of five times the amount of funds received for anybody who obtains funds under this program through fraud.


Initiative 989 was sponsored by David Henshaw of Tacoma, Washington.

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