Washington New Product Warranties Initiative (2008)

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The New Products Warranties Initiative, or I-993, was intended by its sponsors to qualify for the November 4, 2008 ballot in Washington, but did not ultimately qualify.

I-993 would have mandated a five-year warranty on all products sold in Washington, with the exception of shoes (one year) and disposable products. I-993 was a citizen-initiated state statute

The official ballot measure summary was, "This measure would require a five-year warranty on all new products sold in Washington, except that for shoes the warranty period would be one year. A manufacturer would be required to refund the cost of the product or replace the product (including parts, labor, shipping and handling) at no cost to the consumer. Task-specific, strictly disposable products would not be subject to the warranty requirement. Existing laws concerning warranties on motor vehicles would be modified."


I-993 was sponsored by David Henshaw of Tacoma, Washington.

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