Washington Repeal of Freight Train Crew Law, Initiative 233 (1966)

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A Repeal of Freight Train Crew Laws, Initiative 233 ballot proposition was on the November 8, 1966 statewide ballot in the State of Washington as an Initiative to the People, where it was approved. Initiative 233, once it was enacted, became known as Chapter 2, Laws of 1967.

Election results

Initiative 233
Approveda Yes 591,051 63.48%

Text on the Ballot

An act regarding train crew requirements in the railroad industry; repealing a statute which prohibits operating freight trains having twenty-five or more cars with a crew of less than six, or light engines with a crew of less than three, outside yard limits and where more than two trains per day operate over the same line or part thereof; prohibiting the state from preventing railroads from manning freight trains in accordance with collective bargaining agreements or any national or other settlement of train crew size; and declaring that the size of passenger train crews shall not be affected thereby.

Path to the ballot

Initiative 233 was filed on March 22, 1966 by the Committee for Transportation Economy, Fred H. Tolan, Chairman. 166,866 signatures were filed on July 6, 1966 to qualify I-233 for the ballot.

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