Washington Simple Majority for Excess School Tax Levies, Substitute HJR 4204 (2007)

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The House Resolution Bill 4204 was one of six ballot measures that Washington voters were given the option to approve or reject on November 6, 2007. It passed, with approximately 51% of voters supporting the measure.[1].

The ballot measure created an amendment to the state constitution, providing for approval of school district excess property tax levies by simple majority vote of participating voters. Previously, the constitution required a super-majority of voters, calculated on voter turnout in the most recent election, to approve new property tax levies.

House Resolution Bill 4204 was legislatively referred to the ballot. See all 2007 Washington ballot measures.

HJR 4204 became the 101st amendment to the Washington State Constitution, amending Section 2 of Article VII.

Election results

Washington HJR 4204 (2007)
Approveda Yes 811,507 50.61%

Election Results via: Washington Secretary of State

Sponsors of the bill

Sponsors of the bill included: Representatives Schual-Berke, Chase, Wallace, Hudgins, Sells, Kenney, Appleton, Pedersen, Ormsby, Hasegawa, Lovick, Haigh, Dunshee, Hunt, Simpson, Lantz, Hunter, Williams, Linville, Goodman, Conway, Springer, Hurst, Campbell, P. Sullivan, Miloscia, Kelley, Moeller, Green, Rolfes, Eddy, Santos, Fromhold, Haler.

Voting results

Below are the voting results for the measure as it passed through the House and Senate.

Yeas Nays Absent Excused
Senate 33 16 0 0
House 79 19 0 0

Statement of support

Some of the arguments in support of the amendment include:

  • Would allow local levies to pass with a simple majority vote instead of a super-majority
  • Simple majorities support bipartisan support[2]

Drafted by: Laura Bay, President, Washington State PTA; Rich Hadley, President/CEO, Greater Spokane Incorporated; Mary Lindquist, President, Washington Education Association and high school teacher; Jim Kowalkowski, Director, Rural Education Center and Pomeroy Schools Superintendent; James Kelly, President/CEO, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle; Lisa MacFarlane, President, League of Education Voters.

Statement of opposition

Some of the arguments of opposition include:

  • Would lift the restriction of passing only 1% levies without a super-majority approval
  • Is a property tax-hike in disguise
  • Would allow a small percentage to raise taxes[3]

Drafted by: Janea Holmquist, Senator, Ranking Republican, Early Learning, K-12 Committee; Ed Orcutt, State Representative, homeowner, and forester; Angie Dorman, nationally-recognized teacher, 2006 American Star of Teaching; Kelly Niemi, family forester and small business owner; Steve Appel, President, representing Washington Farm Bureau’s 35,000 families; Wynn Cannon, Chairman, on behalf of League of Washington Taxpayers.

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